eBay add support for Google Chrome

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eBay now officially support the Google Chrome browser, and have updated the list of recommended browsers compatible with eBay.

It’s about time too as the previous list of supported browsers was “Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher, or Apple Safari.2 or higher (all of which are defunct out of date versions)”.

eBay now say they support the .

I tend to use multiple browsers so that I can have different eBay accounts open in each. Which is your favourite browser for eBay?

10 Responses

  1. I love Chrome, so fast on all counts, but one criticism, the headers & footers on eBay prints throw off all pages. Is there not a way of turning them off yet?

    Tend to run the packing slip print run in IE8 for that reason.

  2. someone said chrome isn’t safe for that it may steal user’s personal information ,just in case, i will still use avant browser in ebay .i want to ask should I believe waht the others said?

  3. Ebay say that they support various browsers but just try printing out Sales Invoices in Firefox – it doesn’t work properly and hasn’t for 18 months -regardless of which version of Firefox one uses

  4. I used to use Firefox, but have recently started to use Chrome again and love it, but for some reason if I need to work on my eBay newsletters etc, I have too use Internet Explorer to get all the functions I need to make it look good.


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