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eBay UK have just launched a new microsite – eBay Seller Sphere, which aims to keep business and professional sellers up to date with everything you need to know to run your business.

The site will cover the latest e-commerce news, as well as sharing information, resources and hints and tips about doing business on the eBay. The site already has a mix of eBay updates as well as more general news and is worth bookmarking for the future (Although it has to be said that bookmarking is a little outdated – I’m looking forward to the addition of RSS feeds and maybe a Seller Sphere twitter feed to make following the site easier.)

There’s no discussion functions on the site although there are links to the eBay discussion forums or of course you’re welcome to talk about stories on Seller Sphere on TameBay or in the TameBay forum.

It will be interesting to see how the site develops over the next month or so. The site doesn’t replace the eBay Announcement Board posts, but eBay Seller Sphere should be more relevant for professional eBay business sellers.

12 Responses

  1. so whats new
    still that geezer with the shocked look trying to tell us how to do multi listings
    10 day old news about canada post problems, some marketing dribble and waffle
    more useful if someone had bothered to find out canada post are actually up and running again today though will take some time to clear the back log
    we need news not marketing

  2. If the site is covering e-commerce news generally will they cover Amazon and Tesco Marketplace when it launches later in the year?

  3. The big difference between this new eBay site and Tamebay is that Tamebay do not charge fees and eBay do.

    The new eBay feature is supported by fees and is one of the many examples of eBay bloatware that is being used or going to be used to justify fee increases.

    I would prefer eBay to return to basics, become lean and mean, cut out all the bloatware, and cut fees.

    What eBay are currently doing is spending my money developing functions designed to appeal to corporates which are of no use to somebody like me who wishes to offer a personal unique service.

  4. A really interesting site, clean and informative. Its a good move by ebay, and should be the central hub for all announcements and general selling related concise information. Its bookmarked šŸ™‚


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