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From this week eBay are testing great visibility for UK and German sellers on eBay Italy. Your listings may be shown on eBay Italy if you are a top rated seller, have defined Italy as a country you ship to and your listings are being searched for by Italian buyers.

If you don’t currently ship to what is often considered one of the worst countries in Europe for lost parcels make sure you have Italy excluded in your postage options. However if you’re happy to ship to Italy (and many are) then so long as you specify the postage costs and are top rated you should see more sales coming from Italy.

eBay say that this is a test and depending on the feedback received, they may, in time, expand this feature to other markets. However it’s worth remembering that the UK and US already have greater visibility on eBay Australia.

If eBay continue to expand the number of sites that listings appear on in natural search results it may be time to reconsider your use of the International Site Visibility listing enhancement.

8 Responses

  1. I already sell to Italy and have not had any problems with things going missing in their postal system, but I know quite a few people who won’t ship there… let’s hope the “postini” aren’t gearing-up for a field-day.

  2. I agree; I have sold some nice little boots to one or two Italian buyers, and so far nothing has got lost/stolen/damaged, and the buyers have been pleasant to deal with – cannot say more!

  3. I sell quite a lot to Italy. I think about 10% of untracked goes missing.

    Sometimes communication is a bit tricky. I usually try typing louder and that works!

  4. There will always be pros and cons when deciding where you will sell and ship to, with many variables to be considered.

    The single significant consideration for me is VAT and remaining below the threshold. Selling all of my product range internationally would increase my turnover without any increase in profit. I do sell some items, primarily low weight items internationally, but not all.

    If or probably when I register for VAT I will review this decision, but at the moment increased postal charges for the same profit margin doesn’t make it worth while.

  5. Sadly I had a lot of problems shipping to Italy – 90% of the stuff never arrived!

    However I can only see this move by eBay as a good thing, more traffic has got to be good thing in the long run, just wish it was for a different country

  6. I cannot find one single item of ours on ebay australia. We ship to Aus, are TRS but I can’t one of our items on there?

    Any ideas why we are not included?


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