The beginning of the end for Google Checkout

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Google checkout is of no interest. That’s not the opinion of ecommerce merchants who may or may not offer Google Checkout on their websites. Google checkout is of no interest according to Google themselves, who have closed the Google Checkout blog.

Saying that they “encourage you to update your feeds and follow the Commerce blog for information about Google products such as Checkout, Wallet, Offers and more, and for shopping, retailing and payments news” is really the start of a slow death for Google Checkout.

Google have plenty to bring to the table as far as driving ecommerce traffic goes, but as for being a competitor to PayPal they’ve pretty much given up. If they can’t justify a Google Checkout blog it spells the end for Google Checkout as an alternative payment processor.

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  1. Google Checkout started off really well for me. One of my websites integrated it fairly early on (August 2007?) and I got a lot of new customers largely due to a promotion of money off a purchase when I didn’t have to provide the discount. There was also free processing and a discount if you used adwords.
    The glow didn’t last long when 1 single non-delivery complaint from a customer ended up with the account being suspended the instant I couldn’t prove delivery had taken place.
    The support staff were rude, agressive and completely unhelpful so we removed Google Checkout completely from the site and never looked back.
    I would have considered keeping it (once the account was re-instated) IF the support staff’s attitude wasn’t so disgraceful.
    I complained about the poor way I was dealt with and didn’t even get a response.
    I won’t say good riddance as that would be a churlish, however if they treated other retailers like they did me, then perhaps they are better off out of the industry.

  2. I don’t know…Google have been recruiting heavily from Paypal staff…I don’t think they have quite thrown the towel in just yet.

    However, until eBay are forced to allow other electronic payment methods, no-one really stands a fair chance of entering the market.

    I think mobile payments could hold the answer though. Paying via your mobile phone will soon become the new cheque.

  3. I love Google Checkout. They send you your money straight and have no minimum withdrawal unlike other payment gateways. I’d rather have Google Checkout anyday.

  4. Well we used to use a lot on all our sites, however after a huge chargeback if tho we could prove delivery we removed it. I know you get chargebacks all the time but the service was terrible, even worse than paypal!

    You could be right about it Chris because they are also removing the checkout logo from adwords now to!

  5. Paypal has a monopoly they don’t have a competitor.

    No eBay and there would be no paypal. Simple as.

  6. Paypal customer service is superb. Google – I don’t tryst them after they screwed up my gmail account.

  7. If the rumors of the potential demise of Google Check Out are true, the woe to all those small merchants stuck with the evil PayPal as only option.

  8. Your rumor monger piece was a good chuckle.
    We’ve realized that over the last few months, this blog has taken on a broader commerce focus; in fact, we recently launched the Google Commerce Blog to better share this content.
    As such, this will be our last post here on the Checkout blog.
    We encourage you to update your feeds and follow the Commerce blog for information about Google products such as Checkout, Wallet, Offers and more, and for shopping, retailing and payments news.

    Gasp the one topic GCB closed.Replaced by a Google Blog that covers all eCommerce.Like the Ebay PayPal Forum.
    Google Commerce Blog
    The official source for the latest on shopping, retailing and payments technology

    Looks like Google is expanding their scope from payment system to everything commerce.

    PayPal give you an at-a-boy for this demise tripe?


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