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Unsurprisingly today there are a large number of listings for the last ever edition of the News of the World newspaper. Closed, following the controversy over phone hacking, the worlds longest running newspaper printed it’s last edition today with a self imposed ban on commercial advertising and all profits from the sale going to charity.

I spoke to a former journalist this week and he spoke of the ramifications for advertisers. The News of the World was a cash cow for some clients who would make 10s or even 100s of thousand pounds profit from each advert they ran. Where these companies will now place their advertising pounds and how the loss of the newspaper will affect the UK economy has yet to be discussed.

If you are selling copies on eBay though there is one trend already showing. Sellers who are willing to ship the newspaper worldwide are getting more sales than those selling to the UK only. If you are listing copies for sale make sure you add international shipping as it makes a lot of sense – after all you can still walk to your local newsagents today and pick up a copy but ex-pats and potential buyers around the world can’t buy their own copy so the only way they can buy the is on eBay.

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  1. hypocrites
    happy to make a profit
    yet many will have fained disgust and horror at the papers antics

  2. I wonder how different it could have been if the hacking had found evidence and help prosecute the criminals.

    What if by hacking the phone of a kidnapped child they managed to discover the location of that child and save them?

    Some laws should be able to be ignored when investigating certain types of crime.

  3. phone hacking seems to have been common place at NOW. I just wonder if this investigation will spread to other papers in the group. There must be some sort of cross over.

  4. why would they want to hack the phone of a soldier,s family what possible excuse is there for invading their privacy

  5. The Police are no different to any of us, we all have an obligation to find the truth and to catch and punish the criminals. The problem with the Police is that generally they will follow the law, this restricts their ability to do what is needed sometimes.

    The public do not generally have such a moral dilema.

    Hacking phones of soldiers families, I see no benefit to do that, I was only refering to the other instances.

    There is no way that NOW were the only paper doing this, I wouldn’t be suprised if the BBC had at some point tried something similar, it wouldn’t be the first time phone scandles and the BBC were associated.

  6. Good riddence to bad rubbish, I haven’t looked at a copy of “Screws of the world” for 30 + years..

    has no one ever thought of the damage that this rag has done to the attitudes of society and the so called “cult of celebrity”??

    If I want to read about sex I’ll go buy Fiesta/Escort etc and get lots of pretty pics annal.

    to call this weekly piece of arsewipe a newspaper is breaking the trades description act…

  7. The News of The World was a business plain and simply. All this rubbish about crusading journalism is nothing more than spin.

    Comparisons about investigative practises of the Police and reporters is utter BS

    Don’t get me wrong the Police make cock ups all the time, but they are in the business of upholding the law, whereas the NotW was in the business of making money – No comparison

    Now ebay would be wise to take a look at the demise of the News of The World.
    This newspaper was supposedly part of the fabric of England (not in my opinion), but apparently it was a British as Sunday dinner.

    Well I don’t care how big a part of the fabric of England (they claimed to be), they got it wrong big time and are now paying the price.

    Anybody remember Ratners jewellers?

    Ebay might think it’s indestructible but history has shown that all empires fall eventually.

    If ebay continue as they are currently doing, then just maybe we will be reading about the demise of ebay in some newspaper (but not the News of The World).

  8. The point about advertisers is very valid. No doubt in Offices across the Country Advertising Executives are sorting out all the various options. Plus of course there are strong suggestions that in early August there will be a Sunday Edition of The Sun. Obviously it is likely to be a cross between The normal daily edition plus some aspects of the News of the World. What will be of interest to advertisers will be if it manages to capture a significant proportion of existing NoW readers. So look to The Sun carrying a lot of material and probably vouchers for discounts on the purchase price of the Sunday Sun(or whatever the final title turns out to be). However for those who have disliked the NoW so strongly the chances are that the New Newspaper will include a proportion of the NoW “Scandal” and “Muck Raking” as there is evidence that a significant proportion of NoW readersip like that sort of rubbish. So it is likely that the Sunday Sun will just be effectively a re-titled News of the World.

  9. No one seems to be bidding on any of the copies, especially the one at £9,500!

    It is a sad day for investigative journalism. Not all journalists at the NOTW were bad apples, just like not all MPs were not expense fiddlers and not all bankers were fat cats.

    Check out my view at

    You might also be interested in my view on the disgrace that is the PCC:

  10. I am going to buy 10 copies & then wrap my ebay sales in a page per item.
    If anyone buys 20 items from me, they can have a whole edition for free.

    Enterprise & innovation, not to mention saving the planet, by reusing materials.

    So Murdoch you old ar*eh*le any unsold copies will be welcome here. Just, let us know & we’ll collect from the press.


  11. Re; ‘The rest will have just wasted their money’.

    Please excuse the pun, but They could always use them in the Loo (we did when I was a Kid)…..and with money so tight of course!!

    ie; Sh*t to sh*t (refers to The N of TW owners)

  12. Saw a note to say that the NoW sold 5 million copies of the last one. Usual sales 2.7 million. So it is unlikely that it will ever be worth “Big” Money probably like such as Royal Memorbilia it will always be worth only a few quid certainly not the hundreds, thousand or multi thousand pounds as per so many of the listings.

  13. If anyone actually wants to read this filth it is available online at NOTW website in original format. They are also offering free copies to anyone who wants one so why is anyone stupid enough to buy one from Ebay. Oh yes of course 2.8 million people already were stupid enough to buy one every Sunday.

  14. I’ve just been checking completed listing and there’s hardly any that have sold for high prices.

    Let me start with the highest and work down:

    Half a million…

    Five grand…

    Those two are the only ones that are really silly, but surely they must be non paying bidders.

    The third most expensive one I could find sold for £52 but it had a NOTW mug with it…

    The fourth most expensive was £41.97…

    The fifth most expensive was £28…

    The sixth most expensive was £20…

    There’s a few that sold for just under twenty quid but most haven’t fetched much at all.

    There were also a couple of listings of 10 copies that sold for around £50 (for all 10).

    If you can be bothered, you can check completed listing here:


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