Farewell Sue Bailey

We are very sorry to say that Sue Bailey died early this morning. Sue was a founder and co-editor of Tamebay, and lots of you knew her well. She had many friends and contacts around the world, and online, and we wanted to let you all know about this most upsetting news.

Sue was a great friend to us both. We will always remember a fiercely intelligent woman, principled and industrious, who brought us so much fun and laughter. Always bubbling with ideas and schemes, she was compassionate and generous and never afraid to set you straight if she thought you were in need of her advice. She was usually right.

Sue was a rare and precious woman and we regret we’ll never be able to call on her wisdom and creativity again. But we feel so privileged to have known her and we will never forget the good times.

We are sure that you will want to join us in sending our heartfelt sorrow and condolences to Sue’s family and friends.

We encourage you to share your memories of Sue and post a tribute. We ask that you are sensitive and considerate.

Farewell Sue. We will miss you.

Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson

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I've never been an eBay seller, or a Tamebayer, but I was aware of Sue from my days on the eBay Boards, and then she came to my closer attention when she produced a blog for Martin (Whirly). It was such a fine blog that I employed her to produce a theme to integrate my own blog with my website. She did a first rate job for me, and I reflected this in the recommendation which I did for her on LinkedIn “I hired Sue to customise the Theme of my Wordpress blog. She actually gave me a completely new Theme which completely exceeded the brief that she was given. I am disappointed that I am only allowed to tick 3 of the attributes. Great Results: Superlative work, from concept to final output Yep Personable: Works well with colleagues and clients I'm not the easiest of people to work for, I can be demanding, but Sue was up to the job & was pleasant to work with. Expert: Deep and detailed knowledge of the subject Not a shadow of doubt there! Good Value: Excellent work at a reasonable cost Not a shadow of doubt there! On Time: Punctual at each step of the process She worked late through the night to ensure that every time I had a request the solution was waiting in the morning High Integrity: Trustworthy, consistent, and reliable I haven't actually left my wallet with her yet, but I would. Creative: Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and implementation Yes - what I got was better than I asked for.” August 14, 2009 https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=14212886 I really found it impossible to overstate how wonderful she was to work with, and I was delighted to give her a glowing reference. Sue then got a job that she adored in a company that she loved, and Upad got an employee whose CV and achievements just have to be admired. She was clearly a clever girl, with a degree in Anglo Saxon from Cambridge University, but also the ability to roll up her sleeves, get things done, and a complete mastery of technology. I never met her personally which is a great sadness to me, and now I will never have the opportunity to meet someone who would be at the top of any list of people who I wanted to meet. Rest in peace Sue, you are sorely missed.

Nick Parkin • 10th August 2011 •

This is incredible sad news and I’m sure that anybody and everybody who knew her either personally or via Tamebay will miss her blunt honesty and humour. You will be missed Glenn

Glenn • 10th August 2011 •

My friend, Sue I'll miss you RIP :'(

DBL • 10th August 2011 •

I'm shocked and so very sorry to hear this awful news, my sincere condolences to Sue's family and friends.

Gill • 10th August 2011 •

I met Sue a few years ago at an ebay power seller meet up and can say she was one of the nicest, most helpful women I've ever met. Always up for a giggle and straight to the point. Not many women can mix those up but Sue did it gracefully and with style <3

Joanne • 10th August 2011 •

I'm so so sorry to hear of this news - I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Sue a number of times, and her spirit and enthusiasm for life was contagious. My thoughts are with her family, and may her spirit and memory live on within those she inspired and informed.

Steve • 10th August 2011 •

Sad news indeed my thoughts are with Sue's family at this very sad time x

Claire • 10th August 2011 •

Stunned !

Eddie • 10th August 2011 •

Hello Chris, Dan and Sue's family, This was sad and shocking news indeed. Please accept my condolences. regards, Griff

Griff • 10th August 2011 •

Terrible terrible news. The world has lost a good person. I had the pleasure of Sue's company at many events, and I shall choose to remember her booted up, with a drink, holding forth tenaciously with an opinion -- often not one I could immediately agree with, but nonetheless intelligently and forcefully argued! My thoughts are with all those who knew her and cared for, and the eBay community which has lost a deep font of knowledge and passion today.

David Brackin • 10th August 2011 •

So sorry to hear this very sad news, my thoughts are with Sue's family xx

Kim • 10th August 2011 •

She was lovely, wise and true to herself. I will miss her so much.

Lynne • 10th August 2011 •

Terribly sad news. I'd like to convey my condolences to Sue's family and friends at this sad time. I think some of the comments and recollections of Sue mentioned above really sum up how well liked and respected she was. Rest In Peace

Pat Sherlock • 10th August 2011 •

Very sorry to read this news. My deepest sympathy to the TameBay family. She was always very kind and supportive to me. She was loved by many and will be missed. Blessings, Danna

Danna Crawford • 10th August 2011 •

Condolences to all that knew her. I only met her the once, and she struck me as a well loved and supportive of others. She will be missed by many.

SIan • 10th August 2011 •

Really sorry to read this news! My sincere condolences!

Marion • 10th August 2011 •

Just heard the news - I'm stunned. Biddy's gone. It doesn't seem real. I'm really upset, she was wonderful. xxxx

Badgey • 10th August 2011 •

A wicked sense of humor, smart as a whip, eclectic interests, and deep compassion. The lights in the world are a bit dimmer today without Sue.

Robyn • 10th August 2011 •

I am so shocked and saddened to hear this, I absolutely loved Sue, she was a wonderful person.

Hillary • 10th August 2011 •

I remember doing the powerseller pointers with Sue She was lovely, the beady lady who moved to France and had Harry Potteresque windows. Very shocked. Lovely, helpful, clever lady

karen • 10th August 2011 •

It is always Tragic when somebody so talented goes before their time. I am stunned. Fullest Sympathy to all her many friends and relatives.

Chris • 10th August 2011 •

I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with Sue on a few occasions and we kept in touch via email etc over the years. She was one of those very rare real people with whom you would feel 100% comfortable with. You could be yourself with her at all times. She had a vibrancy about her that was inspirational. She was warm, funny, intelligent and had a very serious inner beauty to her that was something pretty special. Where-ever her journey may take her now, may it be peaceful and wonderful/ She will be very very missed here.

Andrea Kennard • 10th August 2011 •

Oh what a sad loss. My sincere condolences to her family and friends. She was such a helpfulm generous and knowledgeable person. Who could ever forget 'Biddy's Button'? She taught me my first bit of HTML

Gay • 10th August 2011 •

Very sorry to hear this news -only met Sue once at a trade fair in London but enjoyed her writing RIP

Andrew J Titcombe • 10th August 2011 •

Oh Biddy my other bead lady, I'm shocked and hurting so bad, just can't believe it. Even though we didn't speak regularly you were always there for me. You will be missed by so many people. So sad you won't get to see my babies now, but I hope wherever you are you can still see us all...love you xxxx

Jazzy • 10th August 2011 •

Sue shared a love of Dr Marten boots, and she and I had a number of in depth conversations about the various styles available. After a channel adviser event she wore one of the pairs she had bought from me and they looked fab on her. I will remember Sue as a highly articulate woman with whom I never tired of listening to. She created a website for myself and Chris when we did a small local eBay event last year. I am glad I met you.

John Pemberton • 10th August 2011 •

Such sad news - my thoughts are with you Chris, Dan and Sue's family. Her voice made a real difference inside eBay, and the insight and advice she dispensed here, on the boards and at events has been invaluable for many. On the flipside, I'm smiling now re-reading some of her posts on our “fun” Xmas trees in 08.  She never backed away from telling it exactly like it was.   RIP Sue - you’ll be greatly missed

Richard Kanareck • 10th August 2011 •

A sad day indeed. I wouldnt be where I am today if it hadnt been for Sue. She guided me, supported me and kicked me up the butt when I needed it. An inspirational and special woman who will be sorely missed by all. My most sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

Terrie • 10th August 2011 •

Sad news, Sue was a kind person who helped so many people .

Sarah • 10th August 2011 •

We had the great pleasure of meeting Sue at the eBay Uni afterparty in Manchester several years ago, she was a warm friendly person who we both got on with well. Since she stopped using eBay boards, we've missed her posts, but enjoyed her articles on Tamebay We're both stunned at her loss, she will be sorely missed.:-( RIP Sue

Rob/Pauline • 10th August 2011 •

Terrible, terrible news. As Biddy, she was a legend to many ebay powersellers. Sincere condolences to all that knew her personally.

Mary • 10th August 2011 •

I'm so sorry guys, to echo the others completely shocked and sending along my condolences to Sue's family.

Cliff Aliperti • 10th August 2011 •

My sincere sympathy to Chris, Dan and Sue's family. I remember having a great laugh at eBay live Chicago with Sue in the elephant and castle and some very geeky humour. She drank us all under the table! Rest in peace x

Andrew Pinner • 10th August 2011 •

shocking news, beyond sad. farewell biddy, everyones lives you touched are the better for it.

board_surfer • 10th August 2011 •

very saddened - I never met Sue in real life but knew her from when she was the voice of reason on the eBay affiliate boards - being extremely helpful and wise, through to her being the goddess of Wordpress and continuing to help and guide people including myself. Very very sad day.

Cian • 10th August 2011 •

Tami and I are so sorry to hear this sad news of a very good friend. I have known Sue for some time and she was always there to lend a helping hand if I needed one or had a problem Sue helped me resolve it. You will be sadly missed by all Sue R.I.P. xxx

Rik Jones • 10th August 2011 •

We are so shocked by such sad news. We first meet Sue in Manchester when we crashed Tamebays first anniversary party. Sue was one of these women that we instantly felt inspired by and valued her advice and admired her generousity to help others. Sue will be sadly missed by so many, our love and thoughts are with her family and friends.

Kate and Jen • 10th August 2011 •

Gosh, not sure were to start, firstly my thoughts go to the immediate family, barty her husband and those closest to her, I am gutted so I can't imagine how you guys feel. Many moons ago I stumbled onto the Powerseller board back in the good old days when eBay was a money pit and I remember fondly a post I made but I can't link to because I am still banned! doh! in which I said 'how the hell do you make any money selling beads' or something like that, since that post I've been in contact with Sue either through eBay, email, twitter, tamebay, phone or in person ever since. Sue helped build our eBay stores, she designed and wrote our blogs, she gave me advice on ebay, wordpress, the list just goes on, to think now I will never speak to her again or listen to her words of wisdom fills me with sadness. Sue was pure gold, I've no idea how or why she put up with me but I am glad she did, she was a great woman, a clever woman, and a woman I admired. Sue, I know you think the idea of heaven was a crock of shit, but on the off chance you have just checked in, I loved you for who you were, rest in peace flower. P.S Make mine a pint.

Whirly • 10th August 2011 •

Sorry to hear of the sad news. Sue gave me a of advice when I was asking questions on SEO for my website and her advice gave me great results as she knew alot about SEO. Rest In Peace.

Warren • 10th August 2011 •

Sue always had a lot of time for me both on ebay/tamebay boards and in any off forum "conversations" we had. What a terrible loss to her family and friends, the human race and the world wide web. My condolences to her family and friends. RIP Biddy

Bunchy • 10th August 2011 •

One word, gutted.

ian • 10th August 2011 •

As one of the previous posters wrote: "lovely, wise and true to herself". I only knew Sue through her presence on the boards and especially through Tamebay, but she was special and one of a kind. My utmost condolences to the Tamebay family and Sue's other loved one. I am so very sorry for your loss, and the world's.

eBetsy • 10th August 2011 •

This was certainly the very last thing I'd ever want to see when checking your site for news and updates. Best wishes to you at tamebay, and to her family. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

Brett B • 10th August 2011 •

I am really stuck for words...Sue was such a friendly woman, always happy to help the HTML muppets like me, (she checked many a HTML page for me) and a really lively, funny lady when I met her in person at an ebay uni. She is in my prayers tonight, RIP XX

Thingimijigs • 10th August 2011 •

Farewell biddy the bead. I was proud to call you my friend. Love from GG xx

Georgie • 10th August 2011 •

Very sad to hear this as i look up tamebay on a daily basis after looking up something she had written that a poster on goofbay had linked to and since then have been hooked. Don't know her personally but i can see the work she and chris put into the site and as chris sold the same line items as myself it was always interesting to see what he had to say as well. I hope the site continues even though it wont be the same for a long time. RIP sue

hawkwind • 10th August 2011 •

So shocked & saddened to hear this terrible news. I chatted with Sue on a number of occasions, mostly at eBay or CA events. My memories of Sue. A bubbly, intelligent personality, a listener, in depth knowledge of ecommerce, great DM boots, half of Tamebay. So sorry for her family & friends. Take care Sue x

Nick Talley • 10th August 2011 •

Sorry to hear such terrible news. My thoughts are with you all. RIP Sue xxxx

Terry • 10th August 2011 •

Our condolences to the family and those who were close to her. I remember many a discussion with Sue on the Ebay boards late at night. She will be missed. Mark and Philomena

Mark T • 10th August 2011 •

Very sad news :(

Suzanne • 10th August 2011 •

Hard to believe Sue is no longer with us. Such a great person always helping out eBayers on the Powerseller boards and later here. RIP.

Richard Lane • 10th August 2011 •

So sad i feel like i have lost a good friend. I know i don't post much on here but i always enjoyed Sue's input and took on board alot of her advice over the years. Condolences to Sue's loved ones. John x

John • 11th August 2011 •

I think shocked is an understatement.... Back in the day when we used to sell on eBay, there was a gang of folk on the ps forum - this gang used to poke fun of the bead sellers (biddy, jazzy etc). It was all good fun and meant in the nicest ways possible - and some of the happiest memories of ebay i have. There were a few members who seemed to be the parents of the board - the ones that knew the most, the ones that sold the most, and the ones that offered the best advice - Sue was definitely one of them... Lets be honest - who didn't buy beads from her at some stage? lol Back in our t-shirt printing days - Biddy was the only person EVER to have her name cut from a glitter material... it turned out to be so much of a bloody pain to make - that we ditched the rest of the roll. Since our departure from eBay many years ago we didn't have much to do with Biddy/Sue or the rest of the "gang"..... Still though - it seems from the rest of the comments she still offered the great same advice as she always did, and she will be terribly missed. My thoughts go out to all her friends and family during this difficult time.

Tidy • 11th August 2011 •

Very, very sad news to read. I met Sue 5 years ago - I was 2 weeks into the job as Marketing Director of PayPal at the time, and quite rightly her and Chris gave me a lot of stick... or "input" as she would say. What struck me was how cool, calm, collected, articulate and most of all, warm, Sue was as she bit my head off. Despite the differences of opinion, she treated me with a kindness and courtesy which I will never forget. I hope that her friends and family read all these messages, and are immensely proud of the messages that people from all walks of life are saying about Sue. She was a great person, and will be sadly missed.

Mark • 11th August 2011 •

Very very sad news indeed. I never met Sue in person but I talked with her online a number of times over the years and whether it was her posts on the Powerseller forum, one of her numerous websites or on Twitter, she always added value, humour and insight. She was one of the good ones and will be missed. Farewell Sue.

Nathan Chantrell • 11th August 2011 •

I loved reading her articles when she wrote for Tamebay, and her blog mum blog. And she was the first person to comment ever on my blog. I also loved her ebay name - cute just like her. All too sad. Bye bye biddy.

fitzcharming • 11th August 2011 •

So incredibly sad to hear this news. It was always fun to chat with Sue and hear her well articulated suggestions for how to make eBay a better place for buyers and sellers. I happened to bump into Sue having a pint and a laugh with Dan outside a pub just a few weeks ago so I'll hold onto that happy memory. My thoughts go out to her friends and family. Regards Mark

Mark Lewis • 11th August 2011 •

Shocked as most people are! Sue helped me when we lost our entire business on ebay, in fact she was the only one out all the people I tried to speak to about it that did help. She had time for everyone and the time she spent talking to me and helping me spurred me on and I probably wouldn't be here today without her help and advice. I never met her in person but it felt, like a lot of us on here I am sure, that we knew her well.

stuart • 11th August 2011 •

What sad and shocking news. Sue and I were close to meeting at Small Business 2.0 in Jan 2010 but I almost didn't need to meet her as you, Chris and Dan, spoke of her so often and in such high terms. Thoughts to Sue's family and to Chris and Dan who have lost a dear friend and business colleague.

Emma Jones • 11th August 2011 •

Sue and I were friends through our mutual love of dogs. I remember when she first got Rowan & Corman and how excited she was. She sent me some pics of her new babies and her sheer joy at her new family members was in her emails. Here is one pic. https://www.pets-express.co.uk/gallery/Pet-Photos/IMGP2316 I will miss her. A very special woman.

Gwen • 11th August 2011 •

Very sad news x

Lino • 11th August 2011 •

Thank you for sharing Dan. I think you have captured, in a nutshell, just how so many of us will remember Sue. Sue has been a great friend to many and I would like to thank her for all the support she has given me personally over the years. Sue will be sorely missed and fondly remembered. Love to everyone who loved her. John Hayes

John Hayes • 11th August 2011 •

All of us at PayPal are stunned by this incredibly sad news. (Mark put it very well in comment 53.) We've always had huge respect for everything she has done to help others through TameBay and her other ventures. The world is a worse place without Sue. Our thoughts go out to Sue's family and friends - and to Chris and Dan.

Rob Skinner • 11th August 2011 •

I was saddened to hear the news that Sue is no longer with us in person. However her spirit will remain in the many happy memories she leaves behind and, of course, in Tamebay - the blog that she loved. Sue was a regular attendee at our events and always brought an interesting perspective to any discussion she was part of! I always appreciated her brutal (!) honesty and ultimate professionalism and, most of all, her quick wit. It was a pleasure to have known her. My sincere condolences to her family and loved ones at this difficult time. James.

James Scott • 11th August 2011 •

That's a great shame. She seemed really young as well

Sinbad • 11th August 2011 •

I'm so sorry to hear this sad next. Sue was such a credit to Tamebay. Peter xxx

Peter Hunter • 11th August 2011 •

It is with deep sorrow that we have learned of the passing of Sue Bailey. Sue was an astute commentator on eBay and we remember with fondness her insights and oft frank commentary. Sue was also a great mentor to many eBay buyers & sellers and a friend to eBay staff throughout Europe. She will be much missed by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sue’s family and close friends. May she rest in peace. The eBay Europe Team

Patrick Munden • 11th August 2011 •

I was deeply saddened to hear about Sue. We met at many post ecommerce events, usually in the bar, and it was always a pleasure to enjoy her company and talk about the world. My deepest condolences to her family and close friends. Stephen Tradebox

Stephen Bales • 11th August 2011 •

I never met Sue and we were not in agreement about eBay after 2008 but when I moved Red Ink Diary to WordPress she was right there with an offer to help if I needed it. That is sheer class and what I will remember her for together with her rapier (but not mean spirited) wit and common sense approach to business. My sincere condolences to her family and colleagues, she will be missed by many. Rest in peace Sue, you earned it but we wish you had stayed.

Henrietta • 11th August 2011 •

I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Sue. She did my website and would never take anything for it, even a meal to say thank you. People like Sue who give and take nothing back are rare individuals. My heart goes out to her friends and family who must be devasted, my thoughts are with you.

Nancy Platts • 11th August 2011 •

RIP Sue A well earned reputation as an expert on all things ebay And nice too Thoughts with family & friends at this difficult time

bicyclerubber • 11th August 2011 •

Sue, words can not express how much you will be missed by your eBay friends. You were always so helpful and friendly on the PS boards back in olden days. You joked about so much and didnt mind everyone calling you and Jazzy shoddy bead sellers. I stopped posting there many a moon ago, and moved on to other things, but I will always fondly remember you. Sleep tight dear Biddy x

Batters • 11th August 2011 •

Such sad, sad news. I had the delight of meeting Sue when I was researching sellers on eBay who were successful in their category. As a result of some fun phone calls and subsequent meetings, the eBay UK office was able to meet and listen to the thoughts and ideas of a person with real passion and insight. No doubt that will be missed. I look back on a few fonds beers and wines at various eBay Universities and I recall having to ask "Biddy" to get out of the PowerSeller Lounge and "go and learn something" on at least one occasion! Sue - was also kind enough to keep in touch when I left for vzaar and as others have testified was never too busy to knock up a blog site for people. So generous with her time and energy. Thinking back the last time we met in person was on a bridge in Chicago when we were both attending eBay Live. We were debating the merits of the Wrigley Building and complaining about the volume of gum stuck to pavements that the building was responsible for! Typical Sue. I wish her friends and family well. Tamebay, the eBay community and many many friendships will be the poorer for Sue's departure.

Jamie Parkins • 11th August 2011 •

Incredibly sad and a true loss to the eBay community. RIP

Anthony Trollope • 11th August 2011 •

What a shock, Sue always tried to help when i was totally confused by a new ebay rule etc, What a lovely lady, so dam sad Ria xx

amfm • 11th August 2011 •

This is heartbreaking news and my thoughts are with Sue's family and friends.

Patricia Dunne • 11th August 2011 •

Very sad news! Our thoughts go out to her friends and family. May she rest in peace.

Gero Kummer • 11th August 2011 •

This is such sad and shocking news. Sue was a fount of knowledge, with an intelligent and sensible outlook and a quick wit. As biddybidbidbid she also had what must have been one of the best id's on eBay! She was an eBay legend, and although we only "met" through emails and in the past have "spoken" on the powerseller board, as a fellow bead seller I have fond memories of "Biddy". Although my eBay days are behind me I still dip into Tamebay to keep abreast of what is happening, and the news that Biddy is no more is so sad. To Sue's family I can only say how sorry I am - she was one of a kind and will be missed by so many.

Lynne • 11th August 2011 •

So sorry to hear this sad news. She will be greatly missed.

Jimbo • 11th August 2011 •

Rest in peace Sue. condolences to all who were close to Sue.

Goodrockingtonight. • 11th August 2011 •

Very sad news - she will be sorely missed by all of us. Rest in peace xx

Dan B • 11th August 2011 •

Sorry to have 2 bites of Sue's cherry, but I decided to publish "Su Wuz Ere" https://pimlico-flats.co.uk/blog/property/su-wuz-here/

Nick Parkin • 11th August 2011 •

Very sad news and a big shock to all of us at Just Applications. I met Sue almost 5 years ago when our company was founded. She was fantastic in every sense, wise and a good laugh! Our thoughts are with her family and Chris and Dan at this sad time.

Sean Sale • 11th August 2011 •

Wow, I am very sadden by this news. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends. Carry the torch guys. John (ColderICE)

John (ColderICE) • 11th August 2011 •

Sue was a special person to all of us at eBay who got to know her and I know I speak for many eBay employees past and present when I say she will be greatly missed. Sending sincerest condolences to all her other friends and family. Doug

Douglas McCallum • 11th August 2011 •

. Oh Dear, how very Sad. I had contact with Sue on several occasions & she was always there to help, whoever asked. My sincere thoughts are with you, your family & all @ Tamebay. God's Speed, Sue.......

Gerry007 • 11th August 2011 •

Wow. So nice to read all these lovely comments about Sue. If I got 1/10 of this when I head upwards I would be seriously chuffed. Just goes to show how much Sue was valued, such a waste.

Whirly • 11th August 2011 •

Just stunned! RIP Biddy - if you put your choice of afterlife to rights anywhere near as well as you did this one - we all have something to look forward to ;-(

Linzi • 12th August 2011 •

I’m so sorry to hear this stunned news.

Zoe • 12th August 2011 •

Our condolences to Sue's family from the UK and Berlin offices of CYT. We will miss her contribution to our e-world and also her attendance at catalyst. Terrible news :(

Liz • 12th August 2011 •

our profound and deepest sympathy for those suffering grief and heartache

northumbrian • 12th August 2011 •

Sue Bailey - she was a college, confidant, creative inspiration, cigarette/drinking partner and generally my rock. Seriously gonna miss you and your super heels mate. Rest in peace x

sarnie • 12th August 2011 •

I'm very sorry to hear the news! My condolences to her friends and family.

Monisha • 12th August 2011 •

Sue was an excellent writer, a razor-sharp mind and a delight to be around. She was a penetrating commentator, a feared critic and a good friend to eBay for many years. My deepest sympathy to Sue's family and close friends.

Richard Ambrose • 12th August 2011 •

I always read her posts, as she insprites me alot on online selling.

Per • 12th August 2011 •

So very sorry, sincere condolences to her friends and colleagues.

katakitty • 12th August 2011 •

I remember Sue and Chris's passion for eBay selling and the Tamebay blog in the UK when I worked there in the PR team. I also fondly remember Sue coming over to the US for eBay Live and I was working for eBay in the US then and she very kindly bought me over some cheese & onion Walkers crisps (my favourites!) to remind me of home. A small gesture which was much appreciated by me and it's lovely to remember her by that. N xxx

Nichola • 12th August 2011 •

To say I am in shock is an understatement. My thoughts are with everyone close to her. She and her wit will be missed. RIP Sue.

Andy • 12th August 2011 •

Have just read the sad news...A complete shock. Sleep well Sue.

BigPoppa • 13th August 2011 •

Very sad news...I remember Sue from the Powerseller Pointers forum, her advice (and patience!) was a HUGE help when i was just starting my own eBay shop ~ Rest In Peace Biddy xx

Chelsea Charms • 13th August 2011 •

I am so sorry to hear this news. I always looked forward to reading her commentary. I saw the headline and thought maybe she was leaving for a new job or retirement so it hit even harder when I read the first sentence... she will be missed by so many. Condolences to family and friends.

Tim • 13th August 2011 •

Incredibly sad news, I fondly remember the times that we met at the ebay universities and the help and support that she gave to me while I was an ebay seller. She was a remarkable lady, and will be sorely missed. RIP Biddy.

MarkM • 13th August 2011 •

I was very saddened to hear the news about Sue. Although I have had limited contact with Sue, as an avid reader of Tamebay, I read all of her articles and she had a unique way of making me chuckle at least once every time I would read one. My thoughts are with you Sue.

Daniel Williams • 13th August 2011 •

Just read on the ps board this news. Very sorry to hear of Biddy's passing. Never met her, but she helped me a lot.

Steve Seddon • 14th August 2011 •

Very sad news indeed. Never personally met Sue or Biddy as she was also known on the boards. I do remember Sue's endless chasing of biddy's button. My thoughts go out to Sue's family and her close friends.

Stewart • 14th August 2011 •

Exceptionally sad news. My thoughts are with friends & family. Matt

Matthew Ogborne • 15th August 2011 •

This is truly a sad day and I'm at a loss for words. Sue was a very special person and I loved her style. She will be missed. My thoughts go out to her friends and family

Randy Smythe • 15th August 2011 •

In part, I owe my eBay career to TameBay, and the good advise and honest opinions dispensed over the years; a great portion of that I attribute that to Sue. I was lucky enough to meet her at the last eBay University, and if there is ever another one, it should be dedicated to her. A truly sad and surprising loss, and my sincere sympathies to family and friends, Chris et al. Long live TameBay.

Mark B • 16th August 2011 •

ps I say a charity auction, in her memory, for a charity that she would have chosen

Mark B • 16th August 2011 •

Very sad news, Biddy was a star on the PS Boards and helped everyone My thoughts are with her family and friends

swan • 16th August 2011 •

Thank you to all who have made comments and paid tribute to Sue, it means so much to us as her family. We miss her dearly, but your tweets help us a lot, as we see that her life was far from wasted; she seems to have achieved so much that we knew nothing about.

David Bailey • 16th August 2011 •

So sad. Sleep well Biddy.

Brian • 16th August 2011 •

Farewell Biddy. I'll miss your thoughts and observations on Tamebay.

Al McCavery • 17th August 2011 •

Although I never meet Sue face to face, I got to know her very well via email and on the different forums. She was always there, and was always willing to go the extra mile to help people with their online businesses. She was a honest person and cared for people all over the world.

Andrew Milburn • 20th August 2011 •

So sorry to hear this. Sincere condolences to her friends and colleagues.

Wayne • 23rd August 2011 •