eBay glitch locks sellers out of My eBay & SMP

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In the middle of a free auction listing weekend for Private Sellers it looks like the eBay site has gone into meltdown. 100s of sellers are complaining that they can’t get into My eBay or Selling Manager.

Even if you can get into eBay My Messages you probably not be able to accept or decline any Best Offers that have been submitted. If you manage to get into SMP then none of your sold items will appear.

No doubt (hopefully) everything will be back to normal by Monday morning tomorrow, but in the mean time best advice is to take a few hours off and survey the carnage later once the site is back up and running.

24 Responses

  1. The android app is still working so may save you some low DSR’s for communication.

    Well at least let you keep an eye on things. Hopefully all will be right for the busy Monday despatch after a great weekends worth of sales 😀

  2. Oh well what else would one expect, we pay thousands of pounds a year for a site that controls every aspect of our selling activity, but hardly delivers quality service, here’s how I would rate ebay with its own rating system;

    Item As Described: 1 Star…Depends on how far they want to move the goal posts on a daily basis.

    Communication: 1 Star… Never hear anything from them unless they want more money out of us or they are changing the goal posts yet again.

    Dispatch Time: 1 Star… See above, always promising but never delivering.

    P&P Charges: 1 Star….. I know willing buyer willing seller, but milk us dry and on top of that, don’t deliver.

    Well I wonder if they would hold up their own standards as they are laid out for us… food for thought.

    P.S. How can a power seller have a 100% positive feed back on over 10000 feedbacks and not get top seller status????? another eBay anomaly.

  3. I was wanting to place some last minute bids.
    Items have now ended, probably without selling. Bad luck for me, but even worse luck for the sellers who have waited 1 week each to sell their items and now have to wait another week (if they relist).
    I won’t bid on them again as I won’t want them when they end in over 1 week, the opportunity has been lost thanks to ebay and whatever glitch they christen as at fault.

  4. Oh Joy of joys:

    I received an email from ebay stating that I had purchased this item.
    I actually never completed the transaction as I found a DVD ROM cheaper elsewhere. It doesn’t even show up in my purchased items list. I thought I should let you know in case you received an email but can’t see it on your sold items list.

    So to summarise:
    The buyer didn’t think they’d bought it but they have.
    It doesn’t appear in the buyers purchased items
    It doesn’t appear in my sold items
    It is an actual sale but the only place anyone can see it is on bought/sold emails and on the item page itself.

    Monday is going to be such a fun day 🙁

  5. “P.S. How can a power seller have a 100% positive feed back on over 10000 feedbacks and not get top seller status????? another eBay anomaly.”
    Or as just happened to us with over 5,000 fb only 6 neutral (all postage delivered on time but buyers want it yesterday) over a year NO Paypal or eBay claims etc

    How can a Power seller have 100% Positive feedback and still get suspended for bad buyer experience????

    The correct answer is ……we are an eBay customer

  6. becasue they give top seller status to high street retailers who have 98% feed back

    re-Joe Waggott-P.S. How can a power seller have a 100% positive feed back on over 10000 feedbacks and not get top seller status????? another eBay anomaly.

  7. Some div offered me £10 for a £800 bath earlier, but that’s not a glitch, it’s what happens when you flood the site with tat, it attracts pond life.

    Everything otherwise working fine all w.end for us.

  8. Well I got suspended at beginning of August ans all listings removed. When I asked why was told my dsr’s and feed back was the cause. When I pointed out that I had 100% feedback and all dsr’s well with in limits in fact all but 5’s I got a reply saying that it was that I had to many listings. How can a top rated seller and power seller have to many listings?. At the end of the month I gets an email asking if there was any reason that my sales were down 96.7% in August.

    Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right is doing.

  9. Well they missing SMP sales info has not appeared this morning for the 8 sales between 11.38 & 12.38 yesterday.

    The first i knew was when the sales appeared in my accounting software (via Tradebox) but not on my picking/packing sheets which come from the info on SMP.


  10. I too fell foul of this *glitch* yesterday. it seems one of my buyers made multiple attempts to purchase an item; each time ebay gave him an error message, so he tried again…and again…

    None of the “sales” are showing up in my sales page, but miraculously they do appear on my ebay billing invoice. I’ve got a FVF charge for each and every “attempt” by the buyer to purchase the item.
    I’ve just had a frustrating conversation with a livechat billing agent; took them 10 mins to concede there had been a fault at all. Now it seems, its down to me as the seller to open a mutual cancellation request in the Resolution Centre for each and every duplicate item that, according to eBay, the buyer never bought and I never sold. Brilliant. The buyer has no record of the purchase, I have no record of the sale, but eBay Billing has taken its cut.

  11. Not being a seller nor having bought anything recently, I haven’t seen any of these – but I’ve heard of all of the above problems in various mixes for a variety of sellers in Australia.

    I’ve also heard of another. Sellers with listings that roll over for another period during this problem …. they have simply vanished. Curiously, though, the listing fees have been charged to their accounts.

    … and a number of unresolved issues still remain – such as a Powerseller with 4 figure feedback getting nothing coming up in their ‘My eBay’.

    Way to go eBay….!

  12. The missing orders are still missing from SMP. Buyers who bought same item multiple times because they kept getting error messages still don’t know they have bought anything.

    Sellers are now frantically trying to contact buyers – if they can trace them by other means to sort the mess out.

    It will be sellers’ DSRs and feedback that get trashed.

    Sellers have been charged fvfs for non-existent orders.

    No comment or advice from any Pink on PSB, yet Patrick has time to post here and make out everything is OK.

    CS tell sellers it’s up to them to sort out with buyers!

    Give me strength!


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