“Star Wars: The Complete Saga” takes over eBay

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If you’re a star wars fan (Scot Wingo @ ChannelAdvisor are you reading this) then you could be forgiven for loving the eBay home page today which has been taken over to promote “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” which is now available on Blu Ray.

The links take you to a Star Wars where you can purchase for £67.95, for £35.85 or for £35.85, all on Blu Ray from Zavvi. There are also links to buy all things Star Wars on eBay and starting from the 16th September there will be a set of eBay for Charity auctions to benefit Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) who fund ground breaking cancer research.

Star of the charity auctions will be a one-of-a-kind . Lucasfilm has partnered with eBay to create this exclusive auction, allowing fans to bid on rare and exciting Star Wars items and experiences. They invite you to participate “Use the Force for Good” to raise funds for this cause.

You can also list your own products to support SU2C so if you have some Star Wars memorabilia hidden away in your closet now might be the time for it to come out and be sold.

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  1. I bought mine but not on eBay, got mine on Amazon for £60.00.

    Also, for those who are genuine fans you can buy it on eBay for £59.99 here https://bit.ly/mOyHlD

    Slightly surprising for a company that is always banging on about offering the best deal to customers to be offering a deal which is clearly higher than other retailers, how does that benefit buyers when they figure out they could have got the same item cheaper on eBay?

    Tesco also doing it for £60 but with an extra 15% off with a discount code.

  2. I don’t understand why people would want to buy the same films over and over again on different formates. Am I missing a point here?



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