BlackBerry BBM, email, Internet down for 3rd day

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For the third day in a row BlackBerry mobile phone users are suffering outages to email, Internet and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). I spoke to a colleague yesterday who has a corporate company phone and he said he thought it had been a quiet day, until suddenly all the emails he’d missed during the day arrived in one hit on his ‘Berry.

The outage has been affecting users Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and even parts of the Americas, and apparently is due to a dodgy switch in BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion’s facility in Slough, Berkshire.

John Betjeman may have called for an end to Slough, but I doubt very much he could ever have realised that one day the demise of one small piece of computer equipment in Slough could cut millions of users off from their email and the Internet.

If you’re a BlackBerry user just how are you managing to cope without instant access to your email service?

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  1. I could never get the email to work anyway so am not missing anything. It used to work then stopped after 2 days.

    No web outage experienced. No text problems experienced.

    I would never have known about this crisis if I hadn’t read the news so not all Blackberry users affected.

  2. i am really annoyed by this as my friends talk to me on BBM and whats-app dosent work either. Whats app is a messenger is a messenger that iPhone and htc users can talk for free with internet connection and/or data allowance even thats down so im annoyed

  3. Its an actual joke to be honest, not even a reason or a sorry from Blackberry or my phone company!!

  4. Isn’t this in reality what will always happen as technology gets ever more advanced. Somewhere in the system is one little bit upon which every other little bit relies. If that bit goes down the whole system fails, either totally or in large part. Years ago when technology was much more simple and straightforward there was usually back-up systems that could takeover. As I think I might have said before “It wouldn’t have happened if everything still worked on 250 pounds per square inch high pressure steam”.

    Didn’t John Betjeman talk about “Come friendly Bombers” to destroy Slough. Anybody got a friendly bomber or three such as a Lancaster or B-17?

  5. This just has to be the one week I’m in canada and my fiancé is in Australia. Our only planned method of communication was to be BBM…so I’m hating every moment of it!

  6. the meesenger iphone and htc users are using is live profile it is available to blackberry users aswell and it works exactly the same but it links all formats of phones and we have no problems!!


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