Really Nice Pinks experiment sell to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

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I’ve complained many a time (with a few notable exceptions such as the eBay employees that ran an eBay shop and were PowerSellers) that eBay staff often don’t seem to have a clue what it’s really like to sell on eBay, so it’s with great pleasure and interest to find out that eBay staff are having an away day where they’re opening an eBay shop and creating some real live listings on the site to learn how it’s done.

The team of Really Nice Pinks experiment will see how much money they can raise on eBay on by 3pm today for Breast Cancer Awareness. Trading as “” there are some weird and wacky items including EU Marketplaces Vice President, lunch with , Director Business Sellers, lunch with , eBay’s Senior Director Seller Experience and meeting , Global Head of eBay Fashion (If you sell in apparel you really want to win this one to get some advice from the top!).

Theses eBay listings not only support some great charities, but if you want to bend the ear of some top eBay execs or to pick their brains this is an ideal opportunity. Alternatively they’ve got some cutesy items up including , and the star of the show, A .

Remember – its all in a good cause, and the Really Nice Pinks are going to try and put themselves out there to make a bit of money for a great charity, so be gentle on them if you spot any policy infringements in their listings (but feel free to dish their listings on TameBay and let us know what you think of them). More importantly dig deep in your PayPal account and support the Really Nice Pinks to raise some funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Be quick though, you’ve only got until 2.30pm today to make your offers or click the Buy It Now button!

32 Responses

  1. they have it the wrong way round ebay should be donating £300 quid for my vast experiance and advice lol

  2. I am confused thought it was starting at 3pm??????????????

    All finished! I would of bid more than £100 for the lunch!

    Think this was a mistake and should of lasted longer as they could of raised a lot more money…typical ebay!

  3. hardly realistic was it, how did they manage to open a shop with under 10 feedback ?

    And as for the charitysmiles group, while it gives us a nice list of ebay employees userid to block, isn’t getting your friends to leave feedback considered feedback manipulation ?

  4. Hi everyone
    Patrick here from team akissfromapink, thanks so much for supporting our mini venture today. Just a quick update to let you know between the two two teams we raised over £1000 for two worthy causes. Thanks for all your purchases.

    What today was all about was to bring many of the seller team together to run two eBay stores, sourcing products, listing, customer service and dispatch. It was a big eye opener indeed for all of us and we learnt many things that we can bring to our day jobs.

    So it was just a small fun experiment that ended at 3pm and once again thanks to Chris and all who have contributed here and of course bought items.


    EU Seller Communications

  5. Hmm i can see a lot of banned/restricted sellers trying to buy something and mark the stars as ebay see them.

  6. What a great idea, which I am pleased to support. Its nice to hear that ebay staff are experiencing the processes that we as sellers have to manage – I hope they gained alot from this.

    I am happy to have won one of the lunches, and am looking forward to this.


  7. Are Pinks above leaving Feedback?

    Within the Feedback comments there seems to a common theme that there was inadequate packaging used – wonder if this will be reflected in the DSRs
    More importantly however is the lack of Feedback left for buyers!

    That I suggest speak volumes about the lack of understanding by the Pinks more than anything else

  8. While it was a worthy cause, it seems from the comments on the Powerseller board and feedback left that like many eBay initiatives that it’s a case of ‘good idea – badly implemented’.

    Poor packaging, listings not showing up, PayPal email address entered incorrectly for starters.

    Maybe some of the ‘pinks’ involved have gained a tiny inkling of how difficult a site eBay is to sell on nowadays. If they work for eBay and can’t get the basics right, then what hope for new sellers?

  9. If you visit Seller Central you will find a thread demonstrating that the whole thing turned into a shambles with broken items, poor packaging, lack of communication etc. etc. The collective opinion was that this was a team building event, devised on the back of charity fundraising and that it demonstrates a real lack of understanding of seller and buyer issues on ebay.


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