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Today I decided to list a few copies of the TameBay eBay Tools & Services Guide 2011 on eBay, and being short of time didn’t really want to construct a template especially for the listing.

Remembering that Frooition have over 5000 template designs for just £2.50 a month that seemed like a simple solution so I signed up for the service which is free for the first month anyway.

Once I’d linked my eBay account to Frooition it was a simple process to sign up for the Froo! Listing Template Themes Design app. From there it’s a simple five stage process to set up a design.

You simply select the basic design you want (I opted for their Text Book layout), choose a base colour, upload your logo, decide if you’d like to use the free cross promotion tool, add in your seller information, and then assign the design to the listings you’ve already created in eBay.

This makes listing with a professional eBay design about as easy as it can get, and very cost effective. You can try the designs for free and here’s what my simple text listing for the now looks like. The text has been wrapped in the listing design and images now have a mouse over enlarge feature to allow details of the gallery picture to be seen.

If you want a quick and simple template design then the Froo! Listing Template Themes Design app might be the solution for you. You can also select different designs to apply to different listings should you be selling items in differing categories. £2.50 per month is a ridiculously low amount to pay and it’s quick, simple and only takes a couple of minutes to apply to just one, or to apply to hundreds of listings.

What’s even better is I’ve got the listed on eBay with a professional looking listing template and so far it’s not cost me a penny – Frooition don’t even ask for you payment details until after the 30 day trial. I can’t help feeling naughty about this, but if I sell all the spare copies of the guide before the end of the month I won’t even have to pay Frooition for using their template!

Dont’ forget you don’t have to buy the paperback version of the guide – you can download a free .pdf version from TameBay!

3 Responses

  1. Now I hope you won’t think my judgment here is clouded but I think your listing would look much better without the Frooition template. The title is lost with the white font in a brown background. The font is too small for the main body of text and the image xoomer doesn’t work for your product (in my opinion).

    On the + side it is a free trail but then again time is money.

  2. let get real this is nowt to do with tha actual listing and all to do with product plugging


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