Shopping Basket rolled out on eBay UK in October

eBay UK have announced that tests are over and the Shopping Basket is fully launched on the site – you should be able to see the basket in the top right hand corner of your screen and the blue “Add to Basket” option beneath the “Buy It Now” button if it’s already live on your account.

The Shopping Basket will be gradually rolled out across eBay UK during October so if you’re not seeing it yet don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything it’ll appear on your account soon.

For sellers on eBay there’s no real change as far as listing goes, but you should notice the incidence of unpaid items drastically reduced. As more and more buyers start using the Shopping Basket they’ll have no option but to pay for your fixed price items at the time they buy them.

eBay have done a lot of work tweaking the Shopping Basket to get it ready for launch, they spoken to hundreds of sellers and read the many comments on TameBay. One of the changes I’ve noticed since the first Beta is that they’ve kept the Buy It Now button and if buyers want to use it in preference to the Basket it’s still currently available as an option.

Have you noticed any changes as a seller since the Shopping Basket was first introduced as a test on eBay UK? As a buyer do you already use the Shopping Basket and will you use it in preference to Buy it Now?

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I've been using the shopping basket for a while, it's a welcome addition as a buyer but even more so as a seller it means ... NO MORE UNPAID BUY IT NOW ITEMS! YAY! Eagerly awaiting the product bundles :-)

DBL • 10th October 2011 •

Aaargh! eBay have hedged this. Having both 'Buy it Now' and 'Add to Basket' buttons in tandem is going to be a nightmare for sellers who generally sell more than 1 item to buyers and have a combined shipping rule that discounts for multiple buys. There are going to be lots of inefficient partial refunds and PayPal will make a lot more 20p's than they should.

JD • 10th October 2011 •

Agree. I currently don't ask for immediate payment as buyers do make multiple buys. I am assuming that those using the basket will have to make an immediate payment or at least select the payment method if it is not by Paypal. Why keep the "Buy it now" button? That means lots of individual payments from those buyers of multiple items who use the BIN button. When is stock adjusted on basket items? Assume it is when it is paid for. BIN purchases are likely to adjust stock ahead of basket purchases. Buyers who are worried that they may loose an item if they do not check out quickly probably won't hang around to fill up the basket but will want to check out. The BIN option may well be the default buying option for those buyers who want to beat the basket case buyers to a purchase. Remove the BIN option to make for a consistent and equitable buying experience.

Gary • 10th October 2011 •

Wonder how long before i get a message or neg when someone's added 2 or 3 items to a basket from different sellers and assume its me for all of them. Its often noted that ebay buyers are not the most diligent and hence a spread of 3 negs across one basket with the words 'Bad seller' will also mean this cant be removed within ebay policy.

dave loves ebay • 10th October 2011 •

As well as a possible low DSR rating across the 3 items basket if one item turns up late.

dave loves ebay • 10th October 2011 •

Have eBay provided any information relating to how the feedback system will work for basket items? It seems unreasonable that good sellers suffer at the hands of poor sellers in the same basket of goods purchased.

Gary • 10th October 2011 •

lets not forget 3 items, 3 p&p charges but presented as one. Could lead to some major low DSR scores for p&p price wise i think

Dave loves ebay • 10th October 2011 •

I'm wondering if or when the multiple purchase discount will be corrected - I thought we were promised this when we had to set up multiple purchase/discount rules - or did I misunderstand?? This is a real bummer at the moment - quite a few sales lost in recent weeks where buyers have contacted me to say cancelled purchase as invoice was showing massive p&p compared with what I've put in my listings. Really down about this now...

Debbie • 10th October 2011 •

If buyers are being put off from buying goods in the basket because the shipping charges are wrong and not being discounted then this is a serious issue. Payment has to be immediate. Buyers cannot wait for the seller to manually issue a correct payment request and then pay against this revised request.

Gary • 10th October 2011 •

Sure it is. Come to think of it, I don't know of any of my multiple-purchase customers over the last month having been in receipt of a correct invoice first time around, whether shopping basket or via checkout system. To say I'm peeved is an understatement - I spent hours, if not days, editing my listings and their various weight combinations to ensure that they complied - I may as well have not bothered!

Debbie • 10th October 2011 •

From comments on the eBay forum it seems that the BIN buttons have been left to allow buyers registered outside the UK to buy from the UK sellers. The basket on eBay UK appears to be for UK registered users only buying from eBay UK. Anything cross border and it has to be BIN. There seems to be cross border payments issue. Now this begs the question do buyers registered outside the UK see the basket button in listings and what happens if they click on it?

Gary • 10th October 2011 •

'Anything cross border and it has to be BIN' Not quite. I can log onto the .com site and use a basket there for items listed on the .com site. The FAQ's do say that.

JD • 10th October 2011 •

I've been using it as a buyer since it was first available to test and on the whole I like it. It does however still allow a buyer to be a none payer. When they add several items from the same seller to the basket and then request a total, they are presented with a message which tells them that they must commit to buy before they can request a total, once they have committed and continued the items are no longer available for anyone else to buy and the buyer can the choose to ignore your invoice just as they can now.

Pauline • 10th October 2011 •

Just tried this but where the hell is the view Basket button.

James • 11th October 2011 •

Top right corner of each page.

JD • 11th October 2011 •