The Wholesale Forums new website with 100k members

The Wholesale Forums is the UK’s leading networking & advice forum for buyers and suppliers. They provide a platform where retailers and wholesalers can congregate and network with each other. Founded in July 2004, on October 20, 2011 The Wholesale Forums reached a very special milestone and celebrated amassing 100,000 members along with record traffic figures of over 200,000 unique visitors per month.

To celebrate the milestone The Wholesale Forums have released a planned redesign of their site, bringing in social networks status update features, ways to find new stock and special and time sensitive offers from suppliers and a design that adjusts the viewable area based on your screen resolution. The Wholesale Forums social network features are designed to encourage members to engage and take advantage of what these modern communication channels have to offer.

Other notable features are the new user control panel that offers one click navigation, a super powerful and fast Google API search engine, new profile pages, and two-click discussion posting.

Here’s Anthony Trollope The Wholesale Forums Managing Director talking about business to business transactions in partnership with Alibaba and key factors to consider when choosing a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a trading company, and a distributor.

If you’ve never visited The Wholesale Forums before then it’s worth spending time to visit the site. Membership is free. If you’re trying to track down a new wholesaler or find some information on wholesale suppliers you’ve already found, the chances are they have already been discussed by The Wholesale Forums community. There are past experiences available on thousands of wholesalers and a good chance that you could find some of the best deals on wholesale goods and clearance stocks.

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