Daily Deal: Remote Control Helicopter £20

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I’ve a feeling that one of today’s Daily Deals is going to fly off the shelves, partly because it looks and almost certainly is a great deal but mainly because for once “fly off the shelves” is literally true.

It’s a , but for a change instead of cheap plastic construction it’s got a metal body – that either means it’ll stand up to a few more knocks from inexperienced pilots or it means you’ll break more stuff before you decide it should only be flown outside the house! More importantly there’s a tri-band switch so if you snag yourself three of these then you and two of your mates can all fly together. At just 19cm in size you really could fly a couple at the same time in your front room.

The price is also interesting – it’s just £19.99 and for most people sub-twenty quid doesn’t count as spending money. It’s a snap decision that’s an affordable discretionary spend. It doesn’t require the consideration that a £50 or £100 purchase does. If you’ve got £20 in your PayPal account this is possibly the best Daily Deal to tap your password in for. What’s even more unusual about the price is the honest of The Entertainer who are doing the deal. eBay might have advertised is as 60% off the RRP of £49.99, but The Entertainer are much more realistic and add in their listings that it’s a web only price and in store you’re going to cough up £24.99 (so that’s a 25% discount not 60% then).

Regardless of how much discount there is the is available today for a bargain £19.99, in a choice of Red, Blue or Black. If you fancy a little flying fun it’s time to liberate some PayPal funds and make your purchase.

5 Responses

  1. I was about to order one, them remembered..

    got 2 of these similar to listing last year for kid from same retailer and he doesn’t play with em, haven’t seem em for 10 months tbh.

  2. I’m sorry if I’m missing something, but could someone explain where this £49.99 web only price comes from? From what I can see, this item was for sale by The Entertainer for £24.99 previously on eBay?

    Has this figure simply been made up by eBay to make the deal look better?

  3. So the manufacturer’s RRP is £29.99, The Entertainer normally retail for £24.99, but eBay falsely advertise the item RRP as £49.99 to try to make their ‘deals’ more appealing. Isn’t this a bit of a con?

    Isn’t there a law against this?



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