eBay.com 5000 free auctions on 15th November

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eBay.com are running another free listing day for auctions, this time for up to 5000 free listings!

The only restrictions are that the listings must be for 1, 3 or 5 day listings, but seeing as you’re not paying for them the duration isn’t a huge issue. What may become a problem is of course if the majority of your free listings end without bids. If your close rate is too low there’s a good chance that eBay will dump ALL of your future auction listings to the bottom of search and effectively your account will be scuppered for the near future.

If you want to take advantage of the promotion are available on eBay.com

14 Responses

  1. Nah I’ll wait, on the 8th it was 1000, today 5000, so next week 25000?

    Anybody with 5000 listings ‘to go’?

  2. Good point.

    ebay encourage sellers to start auctions at higher start prices with free listing promotions and then demote the sellers future auction listings to the bottom of the pile when their current auction listings do not sell.

    Only the ebay brains trust could have thought up that one!

  3. As there is nothing comparable for business sellers on the UK site, I find I am using the eBay.com site more and more to take advantage of these offers – perhaps the plan is to concentrate more listings onto the main site?

  4. Unless you have 5000 sitting in unsold I tried to visualise entering in 5000 new listings in 24 hours. I doubt if 1000 in 24 hours is possible even if you started at 1 minute after midnight and worked hard all day and collapsed totally shattered just 24 hours later.

    I was entering in a Newly Published Book just recently. I was using my favourite template and about two thirds of the way down it wiped everything that I had done. I tried to get it back but nothing worked. So I tried again. Same result. Then I tried a third time wiped it again. Finally on the fourth try it finally stuck. On that basis 5000 might look a good deal but totally impossible.

  5. This offer attracts “business privates” and the black economy sellers.

    Any genuine business would be concerned at the market being flooded with tat just before Xmas.

    Regardless of any argument that buyers use free listing days to raise cash to buy, do business sellers think that way?

    There are only so many buyers and a limited amount of cash to go around.

    Unless ebay are planning their own form of quantitive easing?

  6. Perhaps its a test run of the future ebay…
    Free auction listings , but virtually no visibility unless
    a. You have a high auction conversion rate
    b. You pay for visibility

  7. My wife used to take advantage of these free listing days as a private seller and then eBay forced her account to be classed as a business seller because she did so well!

    She did argue with them but as we know all too well that got her nowhere.


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