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We thought it was fixed, but it’s back and my email inbox has been inundated with emails from eBay sellers pointing out that Best Match is broken again. On certain searches eBay are yet again reporting that there are plenty of items found matching the search term and yet eBay are only displaying a tiny proportion of the items available to buy.

We first reported this glitch back on the 12th November and on the 16th all indications showed that the problem had been rectified. Now once again there’s a high probability that although they’re looking for your product, desperate to spend their money and buy from you in the run up to Christmas, . If buyers do happen to select the Time Ending Soonest search view your items will magically reappear, chances are that they won’t and in Best Match they’ll just think eBay’s selection and availability is rubbish.

The image sent in by TameBay reader Jon shows a search for an A3 Epson Printer with 66 search results found, but eBay are only showing us 5 results comprising just 7 items. That means that 89% of matching search result items are hidden from buyers.

I’m a bit lost for words on what to say, so I’ll leave you to express your thoughts in commments.

10 Responses

  1. Just tried the search using Best Match and BIN only, result in search?
    Top Left 46 items found.

    Items Displayed: Nil! unless you count the A3 paper!

    Same search using all the other options 46 items displayed.

    It’s defo broken!

  2. The vast majority of the items hidden by ebay will have cost their sellers to list. In other words ebay are taking monies under false pretences because they are not displaying them to potential buyers. ebay should make immediate steps to refund all fees(past, present and future until it is fixed) to sellers whose goods are not being displayed.

  3. Why the assumption that ebay “Best Match” search is broken?

    When it comes to eBay and the mindset of the folk who are in the inner circle it would be unsafe to assume anything.

    It is safer to assume that ebay know full well what they are doing and plan accordingly.

  4. ebay is fast becoming such a stress to sell now as i think they have complicated things to much.

    I know the days of list-sell-post are gone because of scammers etc but in my opinion they have taken things a step to far.

    While searching for ebay news on google i found this (and i know it looks like a stich up but there are many who do feel this way)

    cant really see a positive comment when you scroll down to read them

  5. This is probably due to ebays mania for mobile devices – Data Donahue tells us its the future. Try searching for your items on a smartphone or android – the results are very restricted.

  6. I have to agree with Gary @ 5
    EBay know full well what they are doing best match is not broken at all .

    EBay are showing buyers what they think buyers want to see .
    Not what sellers are selling ,unfair yes of course it is but its eBays site so they can do what they wish .

    I am so pleased that I did go back to selling on Amazon x .

  7. I don’t think saying ‘it’s ebay’s site they can do they wish’ is a sound argument Sarah. If they clearly stated that they will take a listing fee, and your items may or may not appear in the searches, then fair enough, but they appear to be taking money and not providing the service they describe. They did the same with certain auction sellers, and were caught red handed, later rewording the Best Match FAQ to try and squirm out of what they had done. They are not a company to be trusted, and appear to care only about profits for their shareholders.


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