Google Checkout scrapped – Users moved to Wallet

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Google have taken the decision to scrap the Google Checkout program in favour of Google Wallet.

Consumers will be directed to merge their Checkout account with their Google Wallet account. They can automatically transition their Checkout account to Google Wallet the next time they sign in or make a purchase online and their Checkout history will then be available in their Wallet account.

Thankfully Google recognise that merchants won’t take too kindly to having to change their websites a month before Christmas, so shoppers using Google Wallet will be able to make purchases seamlessly on merchant sites that accept Google Checkout. Buyers will simply be able to log in and pay with their Wallet account… assuming that they’re aware that their Google Wallet will work on sites with the Google Checkout branding.

Once Christmas is out of the way in the new year Google will begin transitioning merchants Checkout logos to Wallet logos, and doubtless there’ll be some back end tinkering to do on your website if you currently accept Checkout.

Realistically this is an admission that Checkout hasn’t caught on, otherwise Google could have built offline payments into Checkout rather than launching them as a rebranded Google Wallet. How well Wallet will catch on has yet to be seen. The big question is will you change the Google Checkout logos on your websites to Google Wallet, or will you just press the delete button and allow buyers to use other payment methods?

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  1. I think Google is one of the most important brands on the internet. I’m currently offering Google Checkout, Nochex and Paypal but I get sales from all three.

    What I like most about Google Checkout is the feedback option which should hopefully improve search rankings. Hopefully Google will transfer this to the new Google Wallet.

  2. Nice slant, similar to eBay’s level playing field.

    Google Checkout has been essentially problem free for me as both a buyer and seller.

  3. This is probably going to sound like a dumb question, but I had an order two days ago via Google Checkout – logged in to mark the item sent, and now it’s only Google Wallet I see with very few options, and nowhere can I see past transactions let alone mark any as sent!

  4. how is google wallet different from paypal? what are the transaction charges? can someone direct me to a place where i can get some authentic data on the above

  5. We got stiffed by PayPal as they wanted to keep 30% of our turnover for 60 days! Thats more than our profit margin.

    I immediately added Google Checkout and havent looked back.

    I very much like the basket and the whole Google setup. Im looking forward to Wallet!!

    PayPal relented on the 30% but I will keep checkout. PayPal will lose thousands of £s of my business.


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