2011: What sort of year has it been?

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We’ve been a little quiet here on Tamebay the last few weeks, Chris and I have been enjoying a few days of peace after what has been a fairly tumultuous year. We’re sure you don’t mind.

So, what sort of year has it been for you? Perhaps as you eat the last of the turkey and raise a glass to 2012, you could share your reflections of the year past with an ecommerce and eBay lens.

Keep it pithy and light. One highlight, one lowlight each. (And no well-rehearsed oft-heard eBay rants please, because it’s boring and it’s still – just – Christmas.)

And wishing you a prosperous 2012,

Dan and Chris

14 Responses

  1. Sadly, the first thing to come to mind was the lowest of the low point which was losing Sue and her help and support here and in RL.

    High Point? Why still having Dan, Chris, Jane and Whirly as friends! And that is some high!

  2. Can’t think of a High Point. Almost all Low Points. I find myself wondering why as I get older the years seem to get shorter. It doesn’t seem yesterday since we were all celebrating New Year 2011 and here we are about to celebrate New Year 2012. Mind you no matter how long 2011 seems it still seems to have been far too long. Roll on 2012 it cannot possibly be as bad as 2011(I Hope).

  3. another low point is watching BBC news 24
    where they loop a list of all those celebs and famous people who have croaked in the last 12 months,
    keep expecting the ticker scroll at the bottom of the screen to flash death is on its way , your turns coming

  4. January 2011 was a low point. Had to move business premises and the cost of new premises was quadruple previous premises cost.
    High point was November 2011 when sales increased and figures showed continued year on year growth.

  5. High Point: Meeting up with Chris in Brussels in November!!

    Low Point: Not being able to find the Irish Pub late that night so Chris could buy me a pint. I could have sworn it was on THAT corner – I said repeatedly as we walked for miles down a big long avenue!!

    Here’s to a great 2012 for everyone associated with Tamebay and all it’s readers.

  6. .

    RM [again].
    Sue & one of my oldest friend’s RIP….


    Villa is coming on nice…..where the Sun shines

    Have a great one, everybody….

  7. Hi point was everything from Jan 1st until eBay changed the motor parts search system in early September, from then onwards 2012 was a distater.
    Went from being our best year to nothing special at all.
    Forced us to work on our website, which is now doing very nicely as a result, so not all bad.
    Roll on 2012, can’t wait to get back into it tomorrow.
    HNY everyone.

  8. Low point:

    Realising Ebay is just not viable for our Antiques Business any more (as a sole source of income).

    High point:

    Launching our Photography business.


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