Even more great deals in 2012!

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I just received an email from eBay wishing me a pleasant, relaxing holiday and even more great deals in 2012.

They’ve got to be having a laugh! Today’s deals are as dismal as those of the whole Christmas period – Soul Cal Men’s Check Shirts at £12.99 (RRP supposedly fifty quid, but I doubt many people have ever paid that) and a 22″ flat screen telly for £129.99.

eBay need to find some deals which are a) At a great price, not just an average price and b) Some great merchandise, not just end of line stock that you can pick up in any high street.

Until eBay start having some exciting compelling deals then they’d probably be best to stop shouting about them. I really am hoping that eBay will source some great merchandise in 2012, and that probably means shunning their favourite Outlets and doing some work searching the site for hot products from other sellers.

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  1. Agreed, it just gets more boring by the day.

    Most comical deal this week is the Ed Hardy Jackets R.R.P £320 *cough* Sale Price £49.99.

    Pull the other one eBay.

  2. They have sold over 1200 shirts and 60 TV’s so far today = £23800.

    Now I don’t know if that is good or bad by daily deal standards but sales are sales. eBay will put up what they think will sell based on their own stats and records I would guess.

    Why take a chance on something quirky?

    If the fees earnt on these “dull and boring” items help to keep the fees down for the more interesting side of ebay then long may “dull and boring” continue!

  3. I’ve bought one present on eBay this year solely because google chucked it to me as the cheapest online, I just can’t be bothered, it still amazes me that we have a profitable shop on eBay.

  4. Is it possible to drag new customers to eBay UK by whatever means?

    ebay is a mature platform in internet terms and if online buyers are not using eBay by now then there is a very good chance they never will.

    Apart from downloadables (books, music and apps) is there actually any sales catagory of interest to consumers that is not well and truely covered by ebay?

    From my narrow perspective as a niche seller I can honestly say that there has not been a single daily deal ever that has remotely diverted interest and money away from my niche product offering.

    On the flipside there has never been a daily deal of any description which might encourage somebody who has an interest in my niche products, but who is fearful of ebay, to entice that person to sign up as the daily deal is a “must buy” for that new niche buyer.

    But then by their very nature niche products are not normally available or sold in large volume.

    So are we asking the impossible?

  5. It’s the same problem in Germany.
    The deals are boring – no big deals anymore!
    It was the first year that I bought most of my christmas presents at Amazon.
    Cyber Sale, Advent Calendar – at least four weeks of surprising good deals.

  6. To be fair it isn’t just Ebay with this issue , Daily Deals from other sites seem to consist of one good offer to hook you in , and then a stream of uninteresting offers with over-inflated RRP prices.
    I’ve got bored of them , and i’ve hit the “unsubscribe” link a few times this month.

  7. Deals of the day this year have been terrible unless you want to buy Superday items and tv’s. Even then the prices are not discounted by much as my neighbours Son buys Superdry all the time and knows the prices of their items.
    Last year i did buy a few Christmas gifts through deal of the day but this year is, well pants!

  8. I wanted to buy Lego and lots of toys for my 2.5 yr old – and there was nothing. It would be good to have daily deals that were segmented to different target audiences. I am sure it will improve next year – ebay are good at analysing things, and improving them.


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