When is an eBay Top Rated Seller not a Top Rated Seller?

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The answer is when they are in fact a newbie. Steve Wilson of LocalBargainFinder.com spotted this one and we have verified its accuracy.

In that advertising spot undeneath the Seller Information Box, eBay have been promoting Top Rated Sellers.

But don’t you think, and I certainly think so, that if you don’t pay attention that it looks like this newbie seller is a Top Rated Seller?

We humbly suggest that eBay stop putting the ad in question in that spot before buyers get too confused.

20 Responses

  1. lol somebody dropped the ball there. the other thing to note here though is that eBay is trying to promote other sellers on this Peron’s own listing which I wouldn’t be happy about

  2. Amazing, it’s mentioned ages ago on the eBay community boards and no action is taken.

    Put it on Tamebay and it’s actioned within a few hours.

    Words fail me.

  3. I want to know what is happening with the duplicate listing policy. I thought it was all being done automatically now but there are still loads of duplicates.

    I obviously report them but nothing gets done.

  4. I’ve had a “Top Rated Seller” copy my gallery pictures, which really annoys me. Its takes time to present items in a attractive manner, for someone to just cut it and copy it.

    My listing: 300628926664
    Competitors listing: 320832770963

    Its been reported, so watching to see how long its takes to remove it.



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