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If you’re an eBay.com seller with an eBay store there’s good news for you. Recently eBay.com free listing days have been aimed at sellers without an eBay store, but this time between the 15th and 21st you can list up to 50,000 auction style listings for free.

Fees for listing upgrades and final value fees will still apply and unlike the recent promotion of 50,000 free listings for eBay.com sellers without an eBay store this time you’ve got a whole week to get your 50,000 listings listed.

To qualify for the promotion you’ll need to meet eBay’s minimum selling standards and there are a few other restrictions so check the for more details.

5 Responses

  1. Does this confirm what many of us thought? That 50,000 in 24 hours was impossible. I have my doubts if 50,000 is possible(with possibly one or two exceptions) over a week.

    What we now need is a Free Listing Weekend(or similar) in the UK for Business Traders with a greater maximum than 100 items usually allowed to Private Traders.

  2. What is the logic behind this promotion?

    Presumably ebay must think that if store sellers can list for free, they’ll list more, and ebay will earn more in the extra FVFs than they lose in listing fees?

    But in that case, why limit the duration of the promotion to asingle week? All that achieves is a “lumpy” listing pattern with all the aggravation that inevitably results when zillions of listings end at about the same time (yes, I know they’re not auctions). If it’s a good idea at all, why time limit it?

  3. I actually avoid events like this like the plague…

    I was going to place a bunch of things but am going to wait now.

    In essence what good is getting 50 cents off a the cost of listing an item if it is going to sell for $3 less at the end?

    I’d actually be tempted to list several things if they had a triple cost to list week.

    It is the final value fees that I care about anyway.


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