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There’s nothing quite like eBay in an emergency, this weekend I was on my way to a friends house when my car engine decided to blow up leaving me in urgent need of some replacement wheels. Seeing a huge cloud of blue grey smoke in my rear view mirror was not the most auspicious start to the day and not the most impressive way to arrive at a friends house, but it left me in little doubt that I was in need of a new motor.

A few hours later having let the engine cool and limping home at about 20 miles an hour (5 miles an hour was the most I could manage up the steepest hill), I walked back into the house and got straight onto eBay. After all where else can you buy a car in a hurry on a Saturday afternoon?

were my first three clicks on eBay swiftly followed by distance to narrow the selection to motors within 10 miles of home. Five minutes later after a quick phone call I was back out of the house jumping in the truck (which I bought five years ago on eBay) and on my way to a forecourt just 5 miles from home. After a quick test drive and some financial wangling I had a car again (so if you’re one of the people I have meetings arranged with next week yes I will be able to make it!).

It’s may not be the greatest car in the world, but it drives like a dream, is in reasonable condition, and has every comfort I could possibly want. It’s automatic (obviously… didn’t you know I’m lazy?) with electric everything (locks, mirrors, windows, sunroof and memory seats which are also heated front and rear), along with cruise control (more laziness), climate control and a 6 CD autochanger in the boot. It was also a bit of a bargain after pleading poverty got the price knocked down by 20% and it came with four brand new tyres! The garage even delivered the car home for me seeing as I had to drive the truck back.

Prior to eBay I’d have probably still have been in the newsagents buying a copy of Autotrader by the time I was back home with a replacement car. The chances are that I’d still not be aware of the dealer I found today (They’re hidden on a side road I’ve driven past hundreds of times and never knew they were there). eBay Motors rocks, if you’re in the market for a car it’s probably the best place in the UK to start your search.

My only regret is that once again I can’t leave feedback for the seller on eBay – classified ad format just doesn’t allow you to do that. However if you’re ever in the need of a friendly car dealer in the vicinity of my place then I can highly recommend in Aldermaston who trade on eBay as .

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  2. lets all use horses again , feed merchants, saddlers, blacksmiths, and vet fees, toll houses every few mile highwaymen etc, ah! the good old days


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