Upgrading TameBay for the future

Dan and I have been out all day today in rather exciting (at least for us!) meetings. We’ve met up with our superb new web designer and technical guys, who are going to be looking after the back end of TameBay in the future.

As our long time readers will know Sue was TameBay’s technical guru and looked after TameBay for the first five years and she had some great ideas on how to take TameBay forward for the future. We’re going to be implementing some changes, many of which you probably won’t even notice and a few that you will. We’ll be incorporating many of Sue’s plans into the upgrades, we’ve had some ideas as well and so have our new technical guys so watch this space…

We’ll let you know when changes are going to happen so that it’s not too much of a surprise and when everything is done we’ll be in a great position to carry on bringing you the latest ecommerce news for the years to come.

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Great news guys. Look forward to seeing and supporting Tamebay develop

David Brackin • 2nd February 2012 •

Exciting times! Looking forward to seeing the changes over the coming months. Can't wait to see a few 'sneaky peeks'...

Gemma Harris • 2nd February 2012 •

Good luck chaps. Sounds exciting. P.S I trust you will be implementing a spam block on mentions of Traction Engines or Steam Rallies.

whirly • 2nd February 2012 •

And on people who are continuously attacking others who have an interest in the finer things in life like Traction Engines and Steam Railway Locomotives.

Chris • 3rd February 2012 •

its the quality of content and speed of information that interests us we need to add TRACTION to our business before it runs out of STEAM

st georges dragon • 3rd February 2012 •

to be honest we are interested in online , not railway lines, if railways etc is your interest please grab your anorak and bugger off to bore yourself on those forums that deal with the subject

st georges dragon • 3rd February 2012 •

I don't even own an anorak(although with the weather forecast perhaps I should dash out to buy one).However I suppose the language used by "st georges dragon" must confirm what we all suspected that this id is in reality northumbrian in disguise.

Chris • 3rd February 2012 •

Perhaps his next change of id might be to "flying scotsman"

Chris • 3rd February 2012 •


st georges dragon • 3rd February 2012 •

st georges dragon(aka northumbrian) seems to think that we are all only allowed one interest. I would think that there are many regularly on tamebay who have multiple interests. We all have "little grey cells" that can manage more than one interest(even if st georges dragon's little grey cells cannot). Yes I have mentioned Traction Engines and Steam Railway Locomotives once or twice. However the majority of my postings have not mentioned them once. With st georges dragon's ease of dropping into dubious language at a drop of a hat he reminds me of so called commedians who think that it makes poor material funny to make every other word a 4-letter one. In truth it is about as funny as food poisoning. So while I often agree with his postings and indeed I hope that he often agrees with mine I am not convinced that he is right to think that every posting(from anybody) has to be 100% acceptable just to him(surely that is called censorship) When I was active in Politics. When I stood as a Parliamentary or Council Candidate or indeed was speaking in suport of others candidature I was often hecckled. Usually by experts. Believe me he is not an expert(in fact in this regard a poor amateur).

Chris • 5th February 2012 •

Good luck with the project, guys! Looking forward to changes :)

Artem / Linn Systems • 7th February 2012 •