Miriam Lahage leaves eBay

Miriam Lahage, eBay’s general manager for fashion, apparently left eBay at the end of February in order to take on a new role in June. The nature of her new role is not known.

She joined eBay in September 2010 having previously worked for numerous fashion brands including Net-a-Porter, Koodos.com and TJX Companies, who own TK Maxx.

eBay will not be hiring a direct replacement for Lahage. Her current duties will be delegated to other staff.

eBay have released a suitably bland and uninformative statement on the matter: “After helping to build a strong voice and presence for our eBay Fashion business in North America and Europe, Miriam Lahage has decided to focus her talent and energy on more entrepreneurial pursuits outside of eBay. With her fashion and retail expertise, Miriam has helped to lead the evolution of eBay’s fashion strategy and our business development activities with fashion brands and retail partners. We thank Miriam for her partnership and leadership, and wish her well in her next career move.”

Thanks to Andy at Little Sunflowers for the tip off on this story

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Anyone else noticing a lot of management are leaving lately?

Mark T • 16th March 2012 •

Crikey how on earth or we going to survive this truma! and major influence on our business? though as always we will muddle thru somehow lol lol lol

st georges dragon • 17th March 2012 •

I wonder if the important point is that there will not be a direct replacement for Miriam Lahage. So perhaps there was no real justification for such a senior person in such a role in the first place. I find myself wondering if there are other senior executives in jobs that do not really exist.

Chris • 17th March 2012 •

at least these people are in a market place and earn their salary in the most part,

st georges dragon • 18th March 2012 •

Will they be adding a "Vacancies" tab alongside Daily Deals?

JohnC • 19th March 2012 •

'General Manager for Fashion' - I like how they make it sound as if eBay actually sell things themselves, hehe ;)

Kang • 20th March 2012 •