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Three days after last week’s 50,000 free auction listing promotion finished on the 13th May eBay have offered another promotion for another 50,000 free listings. sellers can list up to 50,000 auction listings with the Buy It Now feature for free today, Wednesday the 16th of May. Time the promotion is open to all sellers on – both eBay Stores subscribers and sellers who do not have an eBay Stores subscription.

According to eBay the only thing that could stop you listing 50,000 items today is existing selling limits on your eBay account. More likely of course if you’d just finished listing 50,000 items on Sunday you simply have nothing left to list!

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  1. In the UK we have the 100 Free Listings for Private Sellers. Nothing for Traders. Why cannot we in the UK enjoy a similar Promotion. Although I doubt if many(either Private or Trade Sellers) could manage 50,000 I am certain that there are many who would like the opportunity to dramatically increase the number of items that they have listed. We have the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend coming up(May 28-30). How about it ebay. How about a 50,000 Free Listing “Super” Weekend for ALL ebay Sellers in the UK for that weekend.

  2. I don’t know about the USA but I have noticed a dramatic slide in sales of my smaller ticket items on ebay UK since upping the shipping rates. And overseas sales have fallen off a cliff.

    This has to be hurting ebay and paypal UK so maybe similar promotions are required here although a 10p saving on listing fees is hardly going to compensate for the £1 or more rise in shipping rates assuming that sellers work on a cost+ basis and buyers factor in total price including shipping.

    It does seem that sales of mail order goods on ebay that have a value of less than £5 are now dead in the water.

    So maybe ebay UK should change the auction listing fee range so that the lowest tier starts at £4.99 and not 99p?

  3. Or even change the tiers so that the lowest auction listing fee tier starts at £14.99 for a 10p listing fee.

    At least then sellers will be more inclined or encouraged to take the gamble and group low value items together in a single listing and in so doing the £3 or so minimum shipping for packets does not seem so bad against a £14.99 start.


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