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Item Specifics and Parts Compatibility are two of the biggest pain points for all sellers. That includes everyone from the smallest sellers right up to the enterprise sellers such as Littlewoods who last week cited item specifics as the biggest challenge on eBay.

Now eSellerPro have added two new search widgets for their retailers – eBay item specifics faceted search and eBay motor parts compatibility search. Designed to increase the findability of retailers’ products on eBay, both widgets work in combination with the store keyword search and there is no limit on the number of items that can be indexed.

The item specifics faceted search widget supports up to twenty different filters, allowing customers to search products in a more ‘refined’ way using information such as colour, size and material. The motor parts compatibility search allows customer to find car parts based on item compatibilities and is ideal for automotive sellers using the platform.

The eBay faceted item specifics search can be seen live in the . It allows you to select any items from the shop by using live search selections which are only displayed when there are matching products available to buy.

It’s a vast improvement on the eBay product finder available in the left navigation bar of natural search results both in functionality and in appearance. Rather than offering default Item Specifics based on the category you’re browsing it intelligently offers options based upon the Item Specifics that the seller has entered at the time of listing.

If you’d like to see eSellerPro’s motors compatibility tool then take a look at the . Using drop downs you can select your model of car and the type of part or accessory that you’re searching for and eSellerPro then return relevant parts that will fit your particular vehicle. This is a huge time saver compared to searching for “Brake Pads” and then trying to figure out if they’re the right pads for your make and model car.

eSellerPro told us that over the past few years they’ve seen higher conversion rates due to eBay navigation and search improvements using item specifics. eSellerPro’s new widgets expand on the standard eBay shop search facilities, making it easier for users to find products using item specific and compatibility data. The widgets come with no monthly fees, but instead require a one-off install fee as part of eSellerPro’s creative packages.

Now the only question to be asked is what can eBay do to improve native eBay search along the same lines?


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