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eBay have announced the results of their testing adverts on view item pages and it appears that the tests have been a roaring success, or at least enough of a success for the adverts to become a permanent fixture.

From now on text adverts will appear at the bottom of all eBay listings from private sellers. These are contextual adverts so they’ll be for similar items to the product on offer on the listing itself.

The adverts are clearly marked as “Sponsored results” and are set well below the listing description and suggested items from eBay buyer’s watch lists. TO be honest I wouldn’t think these adverts will upset too many people, if you’re buying on a mobile device then you’ll never see the text ads anyway and if you’re like me then even on a computer you’ll never scroll that far down the view item page in the first place.

2 Responses

  1. Anyone else feel like this is like being done over by ebay.

    Sell an item with us then we will try and divert people away from ebay to buy the exact same item ???

    Not a clever idea ebay at all..

  2. This permanence is exactly what we predicted would happen. ‘Testing’, my butt, it was always a foregone conclusion.


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