eBay turn “20% VAT inc” into “VAT (none)”

It’s more than a little annoying when you carefully craft a listing with beautiful pictures, a great description and spend the time to fill in terms and conditions, returns policy, ship to destinations pricing, postage costs and all the other minutiae required, just for a detail to be messed up by eBay’s automated processes that are outside of your control.

That’s what’s currently still happening for sellers who are VAT registered. Whilst your listing might display your VAT number and state that “I provide invoices with VAT separately displayed”, when eBay send a payment request email to your customers they state “VAT: (none)”.

I know it’s a small point, I know that VAT is included in the sale price and everything will be correct on the VAT invoice my customers get but it’s still annoying. If the listing states that VAT is included (and we’ve not been allowed to surcharge VAT for years), then why can’t the end of item emails also be correct?

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I complained about this on the powerseller baords almost 3 years ago and was virtually ignored. The truth is many businesses may not use ebay due to the headache of getting proper vat receipts.

davelovesebay • 3rd July 2012 •

That's depressing Dave, I only noticed it this week after reviewing the automated emails.

whirly • 3rd July 2012 •

I stopped buying business purchases on ebay for this very reason, the automated emails dont show VAT, and many sellers dont include VAT invoices and its hassle obtaining them. So whats the point.

davelovesebay • 4th July 2012 •