Tips for buying Wimbledon Men’s Final Tickets on eBay: Federer vs. Murray

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After due consideration, as eBay experts, we have very clear advice to anyone contemplating bidding up and spending enormous sums for tickets on eBay to see a historic Wimbledon Men’s final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

Don’t. << That is our advice. The risk of rip-off is too great. The chances of grabbing a bargain are nil. Buy a bottle of Pimm's, a sprig of mint (plus a cucumber, lemon and orange) and a gallon of lemonade and watch from home. And spend the rest of the money you don't get ripped off for on a holiday in Tuscany. If you still have money left over, feel free to send a crate of wine to Tamebay HQ. (Details on request.)

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  1. Dan, can you explain your reasoning? What are the actual risks of being ripped off when eBay has 100% buyer protection and PayPal holds? Are event tickets not covered in the UK for some reason? In the US you have 7 days past the event date to file a claim.

    Your post basically boils down to saying the tickets are too expensive so just spend some money on TameBay? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that don’t mind paying ridiculous sums of money for those tickets and can you really judge them for not sending you a bottle of wine instead?

    My advice is go ahead and bid if you can afford it. Just make sure you pay in a way that is protected by eBay (e.g. PayPal) or if paying in person then pay at the event so you know your tickets are legitimate when you hand over your cash.

  2. Hi ebuyerfb,

    My reasoning is clear in the post. And price isn’t the reason for my advising caution. Is it? I talk about risk. Keep up.

    I think you need to read my post and bone up on the specific laws relating to ticket sales in the UK. Wimbledon in particular. And Wimbledon debenture tickets specifically.

    Also. I don’t request a bottle of wine. I invite a case. Please read more carefully before being so self-important and pedantic. I’m so much better at both.


    Dan Wilson

  3. I would also advise caution but for other reasons. First and foremost is the totally horrible weather we are having. Sunday is likely to be cold for the time of year and wet, possibly very wet. So while the Centre Court has a roof the rest of your journey could me miserable. So possibly staying at home and watching the match from the warmth and comfort of your front room is probably a better bet.

    But also the Formula 1 Motor Racing GP is on at Silverstone. From home you can jump from channel to channel and watch both.

    There are other events on which minor compared with the 2 above you will be able to keep an eye on by channel jumping.

    The money side is only a part of it and the likelyhood of getting ripped off(even if it is only for grossly over priced Strawberries and cream-probably far better value for money from your local Shop or Supermarket(sunday Trading Laws Supermarkets open from 10 am to 4 pm)

    So all in all why spend extortionate amounts on tickets when you can stay at home in the warmth and dry and enjoy everything except the atmosphere?

  4. I hoping to go to the Wimbledon next year and knowing how hard it is to get tickets I most likely will be turning to eBay.

  5. Not only for tickets(although as Wimbledon 2013 is still the best part of a year away why not approach Wimbledon now to see if you can get on whatever lists that they have for tickets) but as we have had several dodgy wet “Summers” on the trot. Also buy your thermal underwear and wet weather gear as well on ebay so that you are totally ready for Wimbledon 2013.


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