Upgrading to fibre broadband

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I was fortunate enough yesterday to have BT upgrade my telephone line so that my ISP could enable Fibre Broadband, an upgrade from my old copper line ADSL Broadband.

It took a while, the first engineer turned up at 8am in the morning to switch my line across in the BT cabinet down the road, and then he had the normal trouble of dodgy wiring in my house and cables shut so short they were only just long enough to crimp into the new terminal box on the wall.

Sadly just as he was done things took a turn for the worse as his final test found a fault on the line. The underground cable engineer was called and it wasn’t until shortly after 4pm he got things sorted and I had my upgraded Internet connection fully live.

My Internet connection has jumped from around 6mg download speed to running at around 37mg download speed and 8mg for uploads. That’s pretty good out of the quoted rate of 40mg down and 10mg up – you have to bear in mind that I’m running WiFi in the office which probably loses a bit, and of course there’s congestion on the Internet and probably through my ISP’s servers.

Everything is almost instant now though, and it’s a pleasure to be able to fast forward on BBC iPlayer simply by clicking to skip half a program you’re not interested in.

If you have fibre available in your area (with BT it’s branded BT Infinity) then I’d highly recommend upgrading. You’ll probably have to pay a little more each month for a fibre broadband Internet connection, but then as an online trader it’s probably going to be offset as an expense against tax anyway.

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