Cuddly 80cm tall Wenlock on eBay for £19.99

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It’s hard to get excited about the official Olympic mascot, Wenlock. You might have seen them in one of four animated trailers if you took your kids to the cinema earlier in the year, but from then on they’ve been relegated to the dustbin, and rightly so. They’ve been named as the worst ever Olympic mascot and didn’t even get a passing mention at the opening ceremony, which at least saved the country some embarrassment.

However if you’re into Olympic merchandise and can bear to waste your money on a monstrosity of a cuddly toy then you can buy a on today’s daily deals. It might delight your child, although even that is questionable, but it’s certainly not a memento you’ll want to have on display in your front room.

Was £150.00 now only £19.99 and still overpriced, but I guess at 80cm tall there are some material costs. I’m betting that The Entertainer has got stuck with stupid amounts of stock and jumped at the chance to unload them on eBay before the London 2012 Games are over and they’re stuck with unsaleable stock.

They seem to be selling well on eBay though, 180 people have already parted with their hard earned cash and will now be faced with a much greater dilemma… what to do with the ugly thing! Assume that you’ll be winning one in a school raffle close to you come this Christmas.


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