Does anyone make money on eBid?

Last week eBid sent us a press release claiming that they were saving sellers thousands of dollars compared to eBay. They claim over “*6 million daily listings” and then went on to make multiple comparisons of themselves to eBay.

Some of the claims were pretty impressive and scary sounding for eBay sellers, for instance they point out that “Because of the substantial fees that eBay applies, it can cost over $250 (depending on the final sales price) for a single sale on eBay” and “when adding in monthly subscription prices for virtual storefronts it leaves minimal profit for the effort of selling”. I have to say that’s not my experience of eBay, I’ve always managed to turn a pretty penny in eBay sales profits when I set my mind to it.

eBid they say is much better than eBay and “charges ZERO insertion fees” and “final value fees range from 0% to a max of only 3%”. They quote Mark Wilkinson, co-founder of eBid as saying “Once you compare our fees to ‘the other auction site’ it becomes clear that eBid is a better alternative for anyone looking to really make a living, or at least a fair income, with online auctions”. In fact if you read the whole press release it makes you wonder why anyone bothers selling on eBay in the first place.

We have two issues with the press release. Firstly why do eBid insist upon comparing themselves to eBay? Calling yourself the “#2 Online Auction Site” and constant references to eBay really doesn’t work. After 10 years it’s high time eBid found their own niche and stopped trying to out-eBay eBay.

More importantly we asked the PR guy who sent us the press release for sales numbers, growth in sales, seller success stories and examples of great eBid human interest stories. We practically begged them asking “eBid is a decade old after all! Give us selling numbers”.

We also asked specifically for an example of a seller who “makes their living on the site with a regular minimum of £1000 per month in sales” and offered to feature their success story on Tamebay along with how they mananged their eBid sales. After we sent that email we stopped receiving replies!

We don’t believe anyone on eBid is making significant sales or any sort of liveable income. We’ve never found an eBid seller willing to share their sales figures with us and it looks like eBid don’t have a single example of a successful seller either. They’re very proud of their “$49.49 gives the seller a lifetime of zero listing fees and zero final value fees” offer but to us it looks like an expensive club with no prospect of ever recouping your $49.49 in profits.

We’d love to be proved wrong on our opinion of eBid. We’d love to know that there’s a vibrant site producing profitable sales in large quantities that we could recommend you take advantage of. Currently we can’t.

* By the way, it’s not 6 million daily listings, it’s 6 million total listings and most of them are good til sold and have languished unsold on the site for years. In comparison eBay have around 165 million listings to choose from, of which around 40% or 66 million are auctions and are therefore less than 10 days old!

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I will happily eat my hat if anyone can say they make their living on eBid. And if we can verify the claim, Chris will film me chewing on a tasty titfer and we'll put the video on YouTube.

Dan Wilson • 28th August 2012 •

I think it worth pointing out that we've a long history of asking for an example of a successful eBid seller and none has ever been forthcoming. Even a thread on eBid's own forums only resulted in eBid sellers saying no one could make a living on eBid. I think you're safe, although I would dearly love to see you eat your hat a) because eBid shouldn't be as crap as it is and b) just because I'd love to see you eat your hat! :D

Chris Dawson • 28th August 2012 •

That thread is over two years old! Things have moved on significantly since then! please use up to date information. IMHO ebid should also refrain from making comparisons with ebay. They are different animals And Dan you better get yourself a chocolate hat cos you will be eating it!

Don • 30th August 2012 •

Of course the thread is over two years old! As I said we have a long history of asking for successful eBid sellers to contact us and the thread was to illustrate that we've been asking over a number of years :-D You're totally right about eBid and comparisons to eBay. We'd love them to tell us what they're all about instead of simply trying to out-eBay eBay. We don't see Etsy comparing themselves to eBay, nor do Notonthehighstreet, so why do eBid still feel the need to do so after a decade?

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

Thanks for posting, never heard about ebid before. I will give it a go with the free account see what happens. BTW you eating a hat would make a great ebid tv ad, with all the choking and the paramedics trying resuscitate you it would be funny as hell.

Tony R • 30th August 2012 •

I got a lifetime +, or whatever they call it, a few years back. I am lucky to get 1 sale a MONTH, and we sell silver charms with probably an average price of £5 to £10. As you used to have to use spreadsheets and csv files it wasn't too easy but then of course there came Ninja lister. You export all your listings from Ebay Turbo lister or Amazon and it will put them into ebid easily. Yes it does work pretty well. About a week ago I thought why do I rarely get sales on ebid ? I read a few forums and many pointed to the fact that I had left the items to run and run and run until sold. Apparently this is not good as they always sit at the bottom of searches. I thought I would delete all my listings on ebid and try again with just a week listing. apx 1000 charms. How many sold. Wait for it 0. Not one. Prior to all this we did have an ebid sale on the 19th of August. BUT we are still waiting for payment. Several years ago I managed to get our feedback from ebay imported into EBID so it shows 18000+, but this doesn't help. Ebay is pretty good. Amazon sales started almost instantly when we started around in 2012. I don't know why Ebid doesn't work for us and many others, as they seem to be expanding into more and more countries. Anyway, looks like your hat and your stomach are safe for now.

Simon Everett • 28th August 2012 •

Where is the 165 million figure from? Last I heard it was over 300 million. Citation

ebuyerfb • 28th August 2012 •

Oh you know I don't really care exactly how many listings eBay have (Besides which I believe yours is a global figure and mine is an figure). No need to get complicated though, I simply used the figures/sources kindly supplied by eBid in their own press release :twisted:

Chris Dawson • 28th August 2012 •

Well having been on ebid for over a year now. £49.95 or what ever lifetime. I have the same listings as on ebay. I have made 7 sales out of those 2 are non payers. On ebay over the same period, I average £800-£1k in sales per month and not a single non payer.

Charlie • 28th August 2012 •

Immediate payment required? Otherwise, what is your secret?

ebuyerfb • 28th August 2012 •

Imediate payment on a BIN

Charlie • 28th August 2012 •

I wonder how many people make their living solely on ebay these days?

Digby Geen • 28th August 2012 •

A surprising number of people wouldn't survive if they lost the eBay part of their business, but could happily survive the loss of other venues. You're right that many now spread the risk and trade on multiple sites though, which is why we asked eBid for someone with £1,000 per month turnover, not £1,000 a month profit. You couldn't live on £1,000 a month turnover, but it would be indicative that it could add to your revenues in a meaningful way. If I asked eBay for a case study of someone doing £1,000,000 a month on eBay they could come up with a few in minutes, so £1,000 a month on eBid is not a lot to ask.

Chris Dawson • 28th August 2012 •

Ignoring the commas but just taking notice of the "0" I wonder if you did mean one hundred million pounds per month on ebay? With the abuse of ebay so called customer services I would doubt if anybody could get anywhere near One hundred million pounds per month.

Chris • 28th August 2012 •

I did indeed mean one million :-)

Chris Dawson • 28th August 2012 •

Selling on muliple sites is not spreading the risk it's spreading your net! The risk is in choosing a site that charges listing fees to start with. To sell professionally on such a site as ebay you had better know your onions as me dear old ma used to say. I only sell on ebay on freelist days - so no risk there then except from fraudulent buyers. ( I wish there was a sin bin we could collectively toss those people into!)

Don • 31st August 2012 •

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Nobody apart from ebay sellers has ever heard of ebid. If they don't know it exists, they won't be buying there, will they? I'd be more inclined to take ebid seriously if they ran some advertising directed anywhere except towards existing ebay sellers.

johnC • 28th August 2012 •

I have a shop on eBid - it's really not a happening place, one customer a month (if I'm lucky) who spends a pound or two. I also have a shop on Bidstart, ditto (except without the customer). The way I look at the above is that it helps my website up the Google charts but it defintely doesn't add any sales (which will be around £125,000 on eBay) I guess eBay's/PayPal's 15% take of my sales is worth it after all...

Mike • 28th August 2012 •

Having paid the £49.95 for seller+ lifetime membership on eBid I can say that within 6 months my turnover for a business has reached £6,000+ now when I minus the eBid fee's I'm still left with over £5,000. Compared to eBay I'd be lucky to walk away with £3,000 as the fee's on eBay are 15% per item sold and they only allow paypal, now eBid allow you to pay via google and skrill along with many others and feedback there is 2 way not 1 way.

Millionairre in the making • 28th August 2012 •

We'd love to speak to you about this and get more information. I've emailed you but you can also email me Very interested in your figures as to how you're spending £1000 after paying for a lifetime membership for free insertion and free final value fees. The upgrade fees must be great for you.

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •


Mark • 30th August 2012 •

What's a Millionairre ?

Gareth • 3rd September 2012 •

I'm not earning a living on eBid but I never did on eBay. However, I have not had the rug pulled from under me by a change of policy on eBid either (happened twice on eBay). I've been doing better than 1 sale per day for the last two years. Until August, it had been more like 2-3. This month I shut the shop for a week and it is always bad for me anyway. Even so I have had more than one sale per day.

Madelaine • 28th August 2012 •

Would be nice if any eBid seller can prove any reasonable sales. £100 a month? Let's see ! When did ebid last run a major (or even large-ish) advertising campaign?

Mark • 30th August 2012 •

I've been on eBid for about 5 weeks and have so far made 52 sales of items ranging between £3 -5 each. Even including free postage on those items it still easily beats £100 a month. Whether that's sustainable over a longer period of time only time will tell.

ZenKarma • 31st August 2012 •

I lost money on eBay, I'm making a profit on eBid. Same listings. As for making a living, that's not my goal. Making a profit is. What amuses me is that people will spend so much time and energy criticizing a site instead of using it for more constructive purposes. Why do you care? Just stay away from eBid if you don't like it. There are certainly enough alternatives.

Elaine • 28th August 2012 •

There are certainly enough alternatives, we're just interested in finding one that produces an acceptable level of sales. eBid claim to be number two, second only to eBay... that's why we're interested in them in particular.

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •

I don't think eBid needs to "claim" they are number two...they are. According to the PSU website eBid has long been in the #2 spot and rightly so. Why should eBid be required to produce "numbers"? That's like asking Obama "where's your real birth certificate". I have been selling on eBid since 2008 when the rising fee structure on eBay became impossible to deal with, and I've never looked back.

Mary Clendenin • 30th August 2012 •

Mary - can we look at your live listings on Ebid? ;) There are big claims without backup. That's why people are questioning. I'm not saying its not true. But questions definitely need asking.

Matt B • 30th August 2012 •

Mary has linked her name to her eBid store, from where you can click on her User ID and from there to see all her auctions. 700 odd feedback comments (and none of it imported from other auction sites!) - impressive

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

hello i am a ebay seller and i am thinkig bout selling on ebid, is it worth listing my items on here.

paul • 29th August 2012 •

It could be worth it or it could be a total waste of time. You need to do research in what you are intending to sell. Ebid being much smaller than ebay has many unfilled categories so even if you filled a vacant space you should also consider opening a store in a popular category with links to all your stores and listings. Ebay started way back with collectibles etc , when listings and sales skyrocketed the high street took notice and joined the fray. So while there may be a case for saying ebay victim of it's own success, in that the small guy feels pushed out. There is also a case not to dismiss ebid who among others are attempting to fill that niche. So if you are selling high end tech or designer stuff, my advice is go to the high street (ebay) If you are looking for collectibles and antiques, records, stamps and postcards; then don't forget ebid. Prices are often lower off the high street.

Don • 30th August 2012 •

eBid has a better, more adaptable sales platform than ebay with much more opportunity to get to know the customer and therefore provide a better service - which is why I joined up. At that time I still listed on ebay and gradually built up my shop on eBid. As my sales built up I stopped listing on ebay and haven't listed there for over a year. In the last year I have over 1,600 sales on eBid - a great customer base and because of eBid's google exposure that customer base is increasing every single month. The reason why some sellers struggle to sell is a simple case of not using the eBid platform properly - poor use of keywords, lack of google exposure via a poor listing technique. Strangely enough its usually the big sellers on ebay who are the worst culprits at not being able to list properly when they try out eBid. I am not a big seller - I don't have the time to be. I have my hobby and big family collections to get rid of - so by selling the stuff I don't want, I can buy what I do want. £49.99 I paid for a lifetime fee which I have made back many times over - and I only pay 2% FVF because I use a gallery listing. I have a shop (and developing another one) and could have 5 if I want which is all free. I get lots of new customers every single month which come via google. I have google analytics code on my listings so I know exactly what potential buyers are searching for, the keywords that they use and which search engine they found me on. Therefore every month I can learn from my buyers both new and existing. I liked ebay but I find eBid far more satisfying because of its platform and fee structure. If I could dedicate more time then those 1,600+ sales in the last year would have been many more. So I am happy where I am on eBid.

Deano • 28th August 2012 •

Yes Chris I'd like you to ask ebay to give you the user ID's of some private people in the UK doing a million pounds a year on ebay. You have challenged ebid. I am challenging you (and ebay)

Digby • 28th August 2012 •

There will be no private people in the UK doing a million pounds a year on eBay. Equally we're not interested in private individuals selling on eBid, we're interested in businesses. However there are many businesses doing a million on eBay - Speak to Stuff U Sell and London Magic Stores both do for starters and there are several hundred more, and some a lot larger in turnover terms than those two. If you're not convinced Terapeak will tell you exactly what their turnover is

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •

Chris Dawson great anti ebid post but obviously a ploy to drum up interest in the little guy, nice one. You should get some ebid affiliate links on this site, Have you seen how much you can earn from the ebid affiliate scheme.

sniffmyring • 29th August 2012 •

Strange that you mention their affiliate scheme... I have a feeling that was what they were hoping based on their Press Release, but we won't bother signing up for it until we find that sellers can be successful on the site. What amazes me is how many times they mention eBay in an eBid Press Release, here it is in full! eBid Saving Sellers Thousands of Dollars Compared to eBay With Low Final Value Fees and Zero Insertion Fees, eBay Users are Migrating to the World's #2 Online Auction Site, eBid Miami, FL - August 20, 2012 - In the online auction world, sometimes the warning is "Caveat Venditor" (Seller Beware). While most people still think of eBay first when considering buying or selling online, eBay's prime competitor eBid ( - which boasts over 6 Million daily listings, representing a $6.3 Billion marketplace - has been aggressively competing for sellers' business, in particular high-volume and fixed-price sellers which account for the bulk of global online sales. Because of the substantial fees that eBay applies, it can cost over $250 (depending on the final sales price) for a single sale on eBay, and when adding in monthly subscription prices for virtual storefronts (which range from $15.95 - $299.95 on eBay), it leaves minimal profit for the effort of selling. It's no wonder why so many veteran eBay sellers have been migrating to eBid, the "global eBay alternative". The complete schematic of eBay fees can be complicated to understand, and depends on factors such as whether the listing is auction-style or fixed-price, whether there's a "Buy Now" option, what category the item is listed under and in how many categories. It's not unusual for a seller hoping to make some quick cash on eBay to realize after the auction has closed that they're not getting nearly the profit they'd hoped for. This is why eBid has simplified the fee system and made it more transparent. The difference begins with the first click. While eBay charges an "insertion fee" ranging from $.10 - $2 depending on different factors (with an allotment of 50 free per month for auction-style listings excluding certain categories), eBid charges ZERO insertion fees. Then there's the "final value" fees: eBay charges a final value fee of 9% (up to $250) of the sales price for auction-style listings, and a range of 7% to more than 13% on fixed-price sales depending on the item category and final sales price. eBid's final value fees range from 0% to a max of only 3%, period. Transactions on eBid may be completed using multiple, secure payment systems, either, Google Wallet, PayPal, and eBid has recently added Skrill (Moneybookers) for a full range of options. eBid even offers the option of upgrading to "Seller+" status where a $49.49 payment gives the seller a lifetime of zero insertion fees and zero final value fees. eBid also makes it easy for sellers to migrate with its "Ninja Lister" app which will import existing eBay listings into eBid. Mark Wilkinson, co-founder of eBid said, "Once you compare our fees to 'the other auction site' it becomes clear that eBid is a better alternative for anyone looking to really make a living, or at least a fair income, with online auctions. Our Seller+ upgrade is a great value for anyone considering a storefront, and with traffic from around the globe, it's a good bet that your item will sell and it's a sure-thing that you will make more money selling it." Independent metrics have placed eBid firmly in second-place competition with eBay for person-to-person online listings in the USA, UK and dozens of other countries. Competitive features like the "Make An Offer" button and "Multiple Item Checkout" as well as a generous affiliate program and territorial expansion this year into Malaysia and Brazil (to a total of 23 territories, across more than 100 countries and five continents) have all combined to propel eBid into this top bracket. With eBid's affiliate program, participants who add banners/links to their website, emails or Facebook pages can earn up to $104.99 for a single referral! Affiliates are rewarded for not only sign-ups to the basic eBid "Buyer" account status but also when the referral makes a free upgrade to "Seller" status and, most impressive of all, affiliates are rewarded with 50% of any upgrade fees when their referrals upgraded to "Seller+" status. eBid's "Seller+" status is a great advantage for higher volume merchants. A one-time fee of $49.49 gives the seller a lifetime of zero listing fees and zero final value fees. Merchants may also opt for a short-term subscription upgrade to zero fees ($1.99 for 7 Days / $6.99 for 30 Days / $16.99 for 90 Days). More information on eBid's affiliate program is available here - About ( Founded in the UK in 1999, is now a global company with a presence in 23 territories across the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, Africa, Asia, Australasia and South America. With a commitment to person to person online auctions, is recognized as the "best eBay alternative" by Webuser Magazine.

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •

"What amazes me is how many times they mention eBay in an eBid Press Release, here it is in full!" When a person has learned the bare basics of SEO they would know the answer to that :)

Sunny Martin • 30th August 2012 •

When a company needs to reference their competitor 10 times in a press release it's nothing to do with SEO, it's simply as basic desperation :D I mean honestly, show me a manufacturer who's advertising consists of saying "We're massively crap compared to our competitor and our product is 3.6% as effective so we're a very distant 2nd". It's just laughable :D

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

I don't think anything that the press release said, related to being crap. Search engines pick up keywords so if you want people who are looking for eBay and related places. to find you then you use 'eBay' as one of your keywords. I suppose they could have substituted the word 'eBay' for 'sex' but you might get a lot of disappointed visitors to this

Sunny Martin • 30th August 2012 •

OK, I'll give you eBid didn't come out and say "We're crap in comparison" :D They are stupid though, and highly misleading - saying things like "it can cost over $250 (depending on the final sales price) for a single sale on eBay" without mentioning that applies to a sale price of $2,777 is just deceptive. How many eBid sales are in the $2,000 - $3,000 level as only if it is the majority of their sales would it be a fair comparison. I'd gladly be writing complimentary things about eBid if they'd only let us have some facts and stats. It's in our readers interest to know just what they can expect from as many venues as possible. Sadly eBid ran away as soon as we asked for success stories.

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

One thing that eBid can say and that is all their customers have been gained by hard work. Ebay on the other hand, have grown because thy buy smaller sites. I have been a member of both sites for 10 years and can safelt say that 2 years ago Ebay had 65M listings, compared to less than 3m on eBid. Now, Ebay has dropped to 35m listings whilst eBid has grown to over 6m. In reality, Ebay's fees, inability to deal with a growing number of scammers and fraudsters and general 'we say, you do' attitude are now starting to piss-off sellers. Unlike eBid, Ebay are now only interested in attracting large companies at the expense of the little sellers. Another irritating Ebay problem is that they allow sellers to list multiples of the same item which clogs-up the listings as buyers look for the real bargains, they get page after page of the same Chinese crap from the same seller. This alone, will artificially inflate the number of active listings. On eBid, the action of 'clone-listing' is is very much frowned-upon and such listings are actively removed. As a multi-market seller, I sometimes have a £2 bargain clear-out. Taking Ebay fees into consideration, I end-up paying 20p over eBid just for FVF and that doesn't even take into account the fact that Ebay even charge the FVF on the P&P. What would be a real kicker would be the comparison of the actual number of registered users each site has and comparing them back over 5 years.

James1968 • 30th August 2012 •

I'd prefer the actual number of active users but even they are unpublished numbers. However I do know eBay UK have 17m unique visitors each month - anyone know eBid's unique visitors per month?

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

Ebay’s inability to deal with a growing number of scammers and fraudsters has also disillusioned me. I as a part timer have lost (to me) a lot of money over the years. I have refunded people only to have others asking for refunds claiming not as described or not received,feedback blackmail etc. It's as if they are all jumping on a bandwagon ebay have created with their buyer biased policies. Such a shame that the marketplace is being degraded in such a way. Maybe ebay is the dinosaur that some people believe their approach has made it. At least on ebid I can get a level playing field. And talking of fields. Ebid is a field of dreams thing, Build it and they will come! I really believe that!

Don • 30th August 2012 •

Yeah - in my opinion it's at least a decent SEO exercise, with the back linking and keyphrase frequency and proximity taken into account. But keyword stuffing? Can actually backfire ... Are the general public widely aware of eBid? running two large ebay shops doing over a mill in turnover a year ive never had any buyer, when haggling, ever once compare a price on Ebid as they might Amazon or a web store. Yes Ebay/ PayPal fees are most definitely too high - we should be having long conversations about this and the apprarent lack of unque high ticket items eBay because they are too f@@@@ng expensive to sell etc - but.... is Ebid a viable alternative to add revenue ? Like Chris - I'd like to see SOME small proof. Also - I'm just not sure people are aware. And this is why questions need asking. But I could be wrong...and I'll eat my cap if so.

Matt • 31st August 2012 •

I have been selling on line for a number of years and like many sellers I tried eBid , I even signed up when the lifetime subscription was £99 (what a mistake). I now sell primarily on Amazon as an FBA seller and it is from this perspective that I present my argument. I don’t suppose anybody would challenge that Amazon is an incredibly successful selling channel, and published figure show that much of that success is down to 3rd party sellers. Amazon love 3rd party sellers in particular FBA sellers who stock Amazon fulfilment centres with the very same stock they sell allowing them to spend less on replenishment. Those very same 3rd party sellers also pay Amazon storage fees. No wonder Amazon loves them. However Amazon does not want ANY stock sitting on shelves longer than 12 months and effectively fine sellers with a major long term storage fee. So FBA sellers have around 12 months (some minor variations) to sell any product held by Amazon. So take the figure of 1000 products as a start point. Discounting that any active seller will replenishing and increasing their product range as sales take place and stick with the 1000 products for the purpose of this argument. If a FBA seller has 12 months to clear 1000 products then they need to sell at least 83/84 products every month or risk long term storage fees. In reality FBA sellers sell a lot more than 83/84 items per month and replenish stock regularly. Selling 83/84 items is the minimum requirement to consider any FBA business a success. I will be amazed if any eBid seller can produce evidence of a minimum 83/84 sales per 1000 listed. All that stock sitting on shelves is killing your cash flow and the time spent listing on eBid is time that could be used promoting products on other platforms. Time = Money

Glenn • 29th August 2012 •

I would also be amazed at that. However. Ebid is not just for business sellers. It is also for casual hobby, collectible and clearing out yer attic sellers. It seems to me that the only people who whinge are business sellers. (some business sellers are making a good go on ebid). If you had a bricks and mortar shop in an obscure side street with cheap rent what would you sell? Collectibles, crafts, antiques? whatever; bottom line is rent and other overheads impact greatly on your choice. Then think of the future. What if your obscure side street and the area surrounding it became more fashionable? Would your fortunes change? Would you then consider selling high end and designer stuff? That is the difference between ebid and ebay. Ebay has evolved way past it's roots while ebid is still evolving and is vulnerable to attack.

Don • 30th August 2012 •

Don, How long does Ebid need, do you think, to "evolve"? And what will it evolve into? It's been going for more than a decade, iirc. It's hardly the new kid on the block. Really interesting that we've seen so much negativity to Chris and Tamebay on the Ebid forums, we've never heard from the founders of Ebid here at Tamebay and that still we've not had anyone come forward to say they make a living. It's time to put up or shut up. Show us the money makers! Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson • 30th August 2012 •

That is not a question I am qualified to answer. But I will say there are sellers on ebid who are very close to meeting that target. Don't forget that ebay has 26 times more listings than ebid so comparisons can be tricky to say the least. Also as I've stated on ebid the tag Mr Dawson uses in his blog is offensive to ebid and its users. I use the bay , river and ebid and all have different pro's and cons. I could never list how I would like on ebay because of the listing fees. To put it bluntly the listing fees would erode any profits to be had.So I only list on free listing days. Otherwise I would have to be very confident that a listing would sell, and that is just not a given situation. I suspect that the reason you haven't had responses from Mark or Gazza is that they (as I do) perceive this site to be an ebay sponsored site and not in the least impartial in its opinions.

Don • 31st August 2012 •

We get on average 1 sale every 2 months. sale is 9-25 pound.

jim • 29th August 2012 •

If anyone wants to make money on eBid just go here and submit a bid.

ebuyerfb • 29th August 2012 •

Reading the various postings I find myself wondering if success or not on ebid depends on what you sell. On ebay I get the impression that customers browse. They may go on looking for one item but may end up buying it and other items. However how many go onto ebid specifically looking for something. As an example mentioned above Silver Charms. Now I am not an expert on Silver Charms but I would imagine that there are hundreds of sellers on just about every site selling them. All much of a muchness(I think-just in case anybody jumps on me here). ebid has Google exposure. So if there is something listed on ebid(say a Book) that is not listed on ebay or Amazon or listed at a lower price on ebid. That would tend to direct potential customers towards ebid and then they might browse and possibly if they have had a good experience come back again in the future. I am considering transfering my activities to ebid. Why because I am sick and tired of being hammered by ebay. I was targeted by a Postal Fraud earlier this year. As well as taking me for the Books and the cost of the Books(he complained to ebay and ebay refunded the cost price from my Paypal Account). He also left me stinking awful Feedback. ebay are still hauling me over the coals because of that Feedback even though it was all lies in the first place. I complain to ebay and all I get in reply is meaningless standard email replies telling me to improve. Yet I comfortably exceed all standards. As an example My T & C say handling time of 2 days yet I usually post same day or at worst next day(within 24 hours of sale). Yet I am being told to improve. Anybody know how to post goods out BEFORE they have been ordered? Dealing with ebay is like dealing with a semi literate Chimp.

Chris • 29th August 2012 •

I have transferred the bulk of my business away from eBay because I got feed up with jumping through hoops for an ever decreasing return. I have downgraded from a featured shop (2000+ listings) to a basic shop (200) listing and will be closing that at Christmas. So I totally sympathise with you concerning eBay, but just because you have had your fill of eBay doesn’t mean that eBid will be any better. If I was making substantial money on eBay I would have stayed and jumped through hoops all day long, but I wasn’t so good bye eBay. But I never once considered eBid as a viable alternative. If you are a serious seller consider EKM.

Glenn • 29th August 2012 •

Chris, I think your first three paragraphs are very perceptive. I've been selling a wide variety of collectables on eBid for some time and I would agree entirely. I think it may be one of the reasons we get this eBid does/doesn't work argument over and over.

kedo • 29th August 2012 •

I would love to get to the bottom of the perception of whether eBid does or doesn't work. We could send them a ton of traffic if we could confidently recommend them to our readers. Our issue is that almost everyone we speak to that has tried eBid (and that includes ourselves) hasn't had any sales worth mentioning. If we could even say list on eBid and you'll get around 10% of the sales you'd get on eBay that would make it worth considering. I did a search for Laser Printers on eBid today and it appears there are only three sellers of them on eBid, one of whom has uploaded their entire inventory. Sadly that seller has 1941 feedback comments and every single one was imported "From Another Online Marketplace". They've yet to have a single feedback from a sale on eBid. That pretty much tells me, as a seller with an eight year track record of making a living selling Printers on eBay, that it's still not worth bothering listing them on eBid. Sad but true :-(

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •

kedo, have you made many sales on eBid?

Jimbo • 29th August 2012 •

To be honest I don't know exactly but it's certainly in the thousands. I may leave some details later on, rather busy at the moment.

kedo • 29th August 2012 •

Please do take the time to let us know. Would love to see your feedback - we really would like to hear some eBid success stories if there are any out there.

Chris Dawson • 29th August 2012 •

I had a similar bad seller on eBid. Bought the items but did not pay. They left a negative stating 'Postage cost unclear until checkout'. I had 3 clear postage options and they had not responded to 3 emails. I contacted eBid at 11.30pm, next morning the negative feedback had been removed.

Andy Thompson • 30th August 2012 •

Selling on eBid should come with a health warning. We sold a bathroom suite on eBid a couple of years ago, I nearly keeled over and had a stroke when the email came through.

whirly • 29th August 2012 •

IMHO Ebay are really not interested in the little guy (part timer & hobby seller)anymore. Which is why I opted for ebid and dived in headfirst with the seller plus account. (I have made that back many times over.) I like selling on ebay and still do on free listing days. What killed it for me was purely and simply 'Listing Fees' By the time I factored in the costs of unsold items and relists I most often have a loss. (After saying that though Feedback blackmail & not received item claims are rising for me) On freelist days I may make a profit but never a loss. (Unless I get Scammed of course, ebay is a scammer's paradise!) On ebid I make a decent profit when and if I sell. I think the press release was unfortunate but that's no excuse to respond with your own inaccuracies. Ebid is a vibrant site, it does have sales, You can recover your initial investment. Your right about traffic and volume though. So two outa three aint bad. Ebid is great for collectibles and hobby stuff but not it seems for big biz. Ebay seems to be the exact opposite! Weird innitt!

Don • 30th August 2012 •

Your comments are very interesting, I've not heard the premise before that eBid is no good for businesses, but does provide an acceptable level of buyers and sales for hobby sellers. Thank you very much for this, it casts eBid in a totally different (and somewhat more favourable!) light! It goes a long way towards explaining why computer products (which is what I tried to sell on eBid) totally flopped without a sale whilst some eBid sellers claim success. Perhaps buyers are simply not looking for tech based products?

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

Yes..I have the same view as Don. I think that comparing eBay and eBid on turnover, will often look unfavourable when relating to eBid sellers.. Horses for courses. I left eBay to move to eBid because I wanted to have some money over after paying fees. I bought the seller + lifetime and quickly recovered my fee as I would easily have paid out the £50 or so I paid on fees in a couple of months had I stayed on eBay. I now make an annual profit which is something I never managed on eBay so I am happy to stick with eBid.

Sunny Martin • 30th August 2012 •

Ah yes the old "hobby seller". That's what on ebay would be an unregistered business?

JohnC • 30th August 2012 •

What a cynic. :(

Don • 31st August 2012 •

Don - can we see your listings and feedback ?;). You are clearly passionate which is great and I applaud you. Please show us some proof

Mark • 31st August 2012 •

Proof of what? look at my listings under Pink_Panther id

Don • 31st August 2012 •

I am an eBid seller. I left eBay almost 2 years ago and joined eBid. 1) Sales are lower on eBid, but are increasing. My own personal sales are up almost 400% by volume and 300% by value this year on a 20% increase in listings. 2) While I cannot meet the £1000 a month regular sales yet that you asked for, my sales are now averaging almost £700 for the last 3 months. Making money, which is what we all list for after all, was becoming increasingly difficult on eBay, store fees and relisting fees in particular. In addition being a smaller seller my listings were becoming less and less visible and sales were falling. I have almost certainly made less due to moving to eBid, but I am thinking of the future and building my presence there. The increase this year is justifying my move. Am I making a living on eBid, no, but I will before too long.

Andy Thompson • 30th August 2012 •

. I notice ebid does not have a [defaulted or otherwise] best match search facility. It makes it difficult to know what is selling well & by whom!!.

Gerry007 • 30th August 2012 •

Personally I dont believe Millionares claim to have that sort of turnover from ebid alone. Anyone could simply give themself that posting name and make the claim. However it does not surprise me one iota that ebid cheerleaders will quite happily accept it - they appear to be a gullible crowd of women. The post would have had more creedence had the user signed in here with his/her selling id.

Scott • 30th August 2012 •

Dan is standing by with his hat and a knife and fork.... all Millionairre has to do is supply us (either publicly or privately) with their eBid ID so that we can check their feedback and Dan will start eating if their claim is true :-D One has to wonder why some eBid sellers make such claims and yet no one that does is willing to share their ID with us. It's a shame as it just encourages people to knock eBid as useless, whereas realistic comments such as by Don actually show eBid in a much better light.

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

I agree with Scott. Millionairres figures just don't add up for me. Where's his 1/6th (16%) eBid fees coming from? One of eBids greatest advantages over other ecommerce selling portals is their low seller fees, yet this person claims he's paying 16%? As you rightly say, all Millionairre needs to do is supply his eBid ID and his claims can be verified. As it stands at the moment without verification his figures need to be viewed with a healthy dose of suspicion.

ZenKarma • 30th August 2012 •

His figures are rubbish, either that or they're simply inept at selling. Forget 16% eBid fees, what about the claimed 50% eBay costs? I can't figure out how anyone could rack up £3,000 in fees to sell £6,000 on eBay :shock:

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

I agree. I expressed exactly the same sentiments over on the eBid forums regarding the 50% eBay fees. The answers I was given were repeat listing fees and store front fees, but as you rightly say, anyone paying 50% fees to eBay is either insane or extremely inept at online selling. No business or even individual could possible prosper paying 50% of sales turnover to eBay before any other overheads and expenses are removed.

ZenKarma • 30th August 2012 •

I've been following the thread on the eBid forums with interest... probably worth answering a couple of points: 1) Profit vs Turnover? I totally agree that turnover without profit is vanity. However whilst we can verify turnover we have no way to verify profit as we'd never know the seller's cost prices. Turnover is merely indicative but verifiable. 2) Are we anti-eBid on Tamebay? Possibly a fair accusation :-) However we'd love to be positive as we are about Etsy and Notonthehighstreet. Alternative venues are great. Alternative venues who's management make promises that aren't substantiated I'm afraid we're not too complimentary about. However that's not intended to be a reflection on the sellers, just the PR. 3) Have we spoken to Mark or Gazza? No we haven't, but if they'd like to get in touch we'd love to have a conversation. We were contacted by "a freelance publicist based in the US, helping out eBid". 4) (Again) Are we anti-eBid on Tamebay? We always welcome readers and everyone is welcome to comment as some eBid sellers already have. Commenters who are realistic such as Don are very welcome and we'd love to hear of success on eBid even if it's not £1000/month in sales. If eBid works for you let us know what you do, give us an indication of turnover/feedback/profit (whichever you prefer) so that others can also use eBid. It's fair to point out that on eBay there are plenty of sellers who sell to buy on a casual basis and there's nothing wrong with that. If you use eBid sales to fund online purchases or funds for holidays/Christmas presents etc let us know! :-D

Chris Dawson • 30th August 2012 •

It is quite possible for fees to swallow up a huge percentage of profits on ebay for small and hobby sellers! For instance I can list 100 cheap items with a BIN price of say £1.99 listing will cost me £40, With no sales and two relists I'd be out £20. If ebay were offering zero listing fees then it would be no contest, But they don't except when they offer us crumbs in the form of free listing days restricted to 100 listings only even over three days! Ebid is not ebay but it is shaping up to be my preferred site.

Don • 30th August 2012 •

ZenKarma says ebay charge 50% fees ? LOL Hey Chris, check that out!!

Mark • 31st August 2012 •

Lots of figures floating around with very little evidence that eBid is viable. Try this small test and then consider if you want to waste your time listing to a non existent market place. Ask any ten friends or family members if they have ever heard of eBid. You will be lucky if even 1 has heard about it, never mind if they have visited the site or made a purchase. It seems the only people who know about it are disgruntled eBay sellers. I would really love to list on eBid if it worked, but bottom line it isn’t viable, which is a real shame because there are lots of disgruntled eBay sellers who are looking for an alternative, but unfortunately eBid just hasn’t got the customers.

Glenn • 31st August 2012 •

ebid is a complete waste of time. you could advertise "gold ingots free of charge" and you would not get a response.They would have more chance of success if they advertised on the TV or national press. they are the biggest site no one has heard of.also they have a long way to got to compete with ebay in terms of diversity of categories.Its a good job its free to use as paying to list would be money down the drain !!!!

clement gledhill • 31st August 2012 •

You may very well be correct. But there is a very old story about Chicken and eggs. Which comes first? Perhaps it is the same with ebid. I would be most surprised if any site in the World has hoards of Customers flocking around like Geese waiting for a Seller to turn up. Far more likely that like the mighty Oak Tree that it starts as the Acorn and slowly grows. As it grows it attracts to itself Buyers and Sellers until it is the Mighty Oak of e-commerce. So the question perhaps should be has ebid the wherewithall to be the Mighty Oak or will it fail? Now before anybody thinks that I have the answer I do not. But as you said there are many totally disgruntled ebay sellers who are sick and tired of being kicked in the teeth and knifed in the back by ebay. If they all switched to ebid and took their customers with them then ebay would notice the loss. Quite frankly ebay is currently so totally awful that it might need a large exodus of sellers and buyers to wake it up to the reality that it is currently so totally awful.

Chris • 31st August 2012 •

Comparing ebid to ebay is not really fair Chris and i think you know it and maybe the topic was to stir it up a little but anyway here is my take on it. Yes ebid does not have the sales volume as ebay but i would now class them in a different market. ebay now seem to be after the outlets and big businesses nothing wrong with that but in doing so are pushing a lot of good sellers/buyers out (why do i say buyers because a lot of sellers on ebay are also buyers) In a time in the middle of a big recession ebay should be bouncing with second hand items but its not and the reason for this is greed and the way it treats its customers. I see a lot of sellers going to ebid only problem i see is lack of buyers due to advertising ebid is not as good as ebay yet but that is no excuse to belittle it

hawkwind • 31st August 2012 •

I'm sorry you think it's not fair to compare eBid to eBay, I happen to agree with you - eBid is nothing like eBay. However it's not Tamebay that drew the comparison, it's eBid themselves that put out a press release with 10 mentions of eBay... As for belittling eBid, all we've done is look for just one example to back up eBid's co-founder claim that "eBid is a better alternative for anyone looking to really make a living, or at least a fair income, with online auctions" Now it appears from the lack of response that that statement isn't true. That doesn't mean eBid is crap, just that it's no good if you want to make a living from online auctions. eBid might be great for a hobby seller wanting to make a little extra on the side. We'd applaud that, but that's not "to really make a living". Either the press release is full of falsehoods, or else all those making a living on eBid are being very shy in coming forward. We think it's the former, but eBid did ask us to write about it so we've tried to be as fair as we can considering that it's pretty unbelievable.

Chris Dawson • 31st August 2012 •

Commenting on your point about the Press Release. Over the years I have written many, possibly hundreds of Press Releases(usually for a Political Party during Elections). I think that you are totally correct the quality of their Press Release is awful. A good Press Release should highlight what you are doing, the possitives. To just spend all(or most) of your time having a go at the opposition is quite frankly a waste of time. We have seen it in Politics. The Candidate who plays "Punch and Judy" Politics often just turns off the voters. So ebid. May I suggest that for your next Press Release that you go back to the drawing board and put together a totally constructive Press Release. One that highlights the successes and looks towards the glowing and successful future of ebid.

Chris • 1st September 2012 •

What I would REALLY like to know is how many of the pro-ebid posters here are from the same person? You get my gist... Just saying, YOU KNOW ... I could be wrong.

Mark • 1st September 2012 •

What I would really like to know is why on earth you'd think they are the same person! The thread about this story on the eBid forum runs into 25 pages of comments - why wouldn't there be a whole load of them commenting on Tamebay too?

Chris Dawson • 1st September 2012 •

Chris - another reason for people to log in via Facebook, as Rotten Tomatoes and many other public commentary sites now insist upon? We're seeing some somewhat suspicious postings here.

Mark • 1st September 2012 •

I for one would cease posting here if Facebook were mandatory for comments. I'm sure many of us would leave as well. What TameBay could do to easily combat sock puppetry is to simply display a one way hash of someone's IP address next to their comment. That would not compromise someone's privacy as it couldn't be reversed yet would publicly display any time two posters shared the same IP address.

ebuyerfb • 1st September 2012 •

Not wishing to point out the obvious... but not everyone has or wants a Facebook account. If we wanted to force a log in before you could comment we could but it certainly wouldn't be Facebook. Oh.... and it's also very simple to see that the commenters aren't all the same person, just read the thread of the eBid forum to match the names up.... Or you could just stop being paranoid :-)

Chris Dawson • 1st September 2012 •

from Where is the research??? "Mark Wilkinson of commented: "Auctions can be very stressful environments, whether you are online or in an actual auction room. "There is a real adrenaline rush associated with the bidding process and when you end up empty handed it can cause some people to flip." The condition is not limited to males only. Females are more likely to be infuriated when losing out on a bid. Younger adults are also more likely to be seething behind their keyboards. 42% of respondents aged 16-29 have at some stage felt their blood boiling at failing to secure an item online. Adults in the North East and Yorkshire are the worst for having a hot temper. Two fifths of those surveyed have admitted to becoming irate at losing out to somebody offering more cash. The world of online auctions is not all about temper tantrums and computer cursing. On a brighter note, close to a third of those Brits quizzed said they have been put in a good mood thanks to a dose of online auction retail therapy." My lord, you've a sociology degree!

Mark • 1st September 2012 •

Dearie me, that was someone writing about a press release, why should they be obliged to clutter up the story with where the research came from? Desirable for some readers, but certainly not essential. If you had read the original press release you'd find "Source: Survey of 1,000 UK adults by"

Chris Dawson • 1st September 2012 •

Over the years I have attended many Auctions. I have bought a lot of items at Auction-unfortunately never yet bought such as an Old Masters Painting but I have bought cars in a cold shed on and bare Auction Site. Stressful? Well yes I suppose it could be but you can get stressed in almost any situation if you want to be. I have sat in a Traffic Jam and watched the bloke in the next car going quietly(or more likely not so quietly bonkers) just because he is unable to drive along at his usual 80 M.P.H. I was taught a very long time ago that you set a price and did not exceed it. I often wonder if those who get worked up are just desperate for that item no matter what. In my case once it exceeds my set price I forget it. I often find Auctions restful. Perhaps it is just that I have a quiet personality(I know that Chris Dawson and indeed st georges dragon might not agree) but I am really a very quiet person(OK as an Elected Councillor and having been a Parliamentary Candidate I have had my moments) but basically I am a very quiet person. But I see far too many getting worked up over nothing. With auctions unless the item is genuinely "Rare" or "Unique" the chances are that there will be another along in a short while. So if somebody is fighting for it and determined to have it - let them and wait for the next one. However if you want a Specialist Book and I have the one that you want I would be very happy to sell it to you.

Chris • 1st September 2012 •

I have to say I actually think that the press release referred to is actually one of eBid's better ones and I like it. Ok there's a little bit of exaggeration, substituting the words anticipation, and annoyance for the words stress and blood boiling, but quite justifiably. Mark of eBid is totally correct at saying there's "a real adrenaline rush" in bidding though, it can get quite exciting. I think if you're going to knock eBid there's plenty to say that's fair play, but credit where credit's due, hyping the excitement of auctions for a company who are in the business of hosting auctions is not only credible, it's reasonable and practically mandatory! :-D

Chris Dawson • 1st September 2012 •

At the bottom of eBid's homepage is a nice badge claiming a Silver Badge review by Top Ten Reviews Click on this icon, and you'll see that eBid is actually ranked THIRD Let's just get this straight: eBid's own press release suggests they are a #2 competitor eBid's homepage has a fairly prominent link (albeit at the bottom, but it's crystal clear) to a ratings site that ranks them 3rd? Hmmm LOL Anyway, I could be wrong.

Mark • 1st September 2012 •

I find myself wondering about alternative Auction Sites. I live in a little village in Cornwall. Most of the customers that I have supplied since I started on ebay have been in the UK with lesser numbers in various countries around the World. So I think that it is fair to assume that in the future while I will hopefully still sell Books to such as the USA, Canada, Ukraine(as I did recenly) the vast bulk of my sales will be to UK based customers. I have looked at many of the suggested alternate sites to ebay. Most seem to be USA based. Webstore as suggested I did find one item with a location Berlin but the majority was in the USA somewhere. So for me talk of an alternate to ebay really must also talk about location. Ideally the alternate must be strong in the UK or ideally based in the UK. That rather limits the choice. Would I be wrong if I said it really means ebid or nothing?

Chris • 1st September 2012 •

I've just noticed that the thread (with 25 pages of replies) on the eBid forums discussing this post has disappeared! I don't know why it's gone, but it's a shame as there were some great comments from eBid sellers supporting eBid. We'd like to emphasise that all comments are welcome on Tamebay. Not everyone will agree all of the time, however all views are respected. We really would like to find out who eBid works for, why it works for them, how they use eBid to make money, and how others could also make money. If it turns out that no one makes a liveable wage on eBid but that it's a great site for constantly relisting the same slow moving stock and making a part time income or pocket money that's perfectly valid and laudable. If you can make a salary from eBid that's even better so we'd still love to hear from an eBid seller who's doing so. We've still not received replies to our emails to eBid and will email them again this evening.

Chris Dawson • 2nd September 2012 •

Ebid needs BRANDING it has everything else. Slam the name on bransons jets or tesco's products. They need a branding, until they get that they are treding water.

john • 4th September 2012 •

Yes its a shame (annoying) when interesting forum threads get pulled. 25 pages of comments is a good indication of interest by ebid members. Do they pull the whole thread because of one rude reply or is it that they do not like any negative publicity ? Bonanza is very good as it.

Digby • 16th September 2012 •

I think the thread was pulled because it got a bit heated with one ebidder upsetting a lot of others so it may have come accross as a bit of ganging up on one guy. it's funny though but most threads on ebays message boards turn into this and they are left to run and run.

Hush77hush • 21st September 2012 •

I hope that is not the reason. After all it is usually me against, perhaps not the rest but certainly a few. But that is how I like it after all if everybody agreed with me I would be convinmced that I was probably wrong. But me against the rest those are the odds I like because invariably it means that I am right.

Chris • 21st September 2012 •