eBay glitch – Sellers sending goods for free

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There’s a rather worrying * from a seller saying customers keep making purchases from them but the items are unavailable and the PayPal payment is reversed.

According to the seller, eBay say that it’s been an ongoing issue since the 13th but this particular seller has now discovered that they’ve processed a number of orders where the payment has been refunded without realising they’ve no longer got the money in PayPal!

This doesn’t appear to be a particularly new issue and definitely doesn’t appear to be widespread, but one that raises it’s head from time to time. The troublesome part of it is, depending what source you use for triggering your shipping, if it affects you then you run the risk of shipping items for which you haven’t been paid.

One buyer who encountered the error said “I made 4 attempts to make a purchase and each time I ended up with the same errors, I checked my paypal account and it shows up as 4 reversed payments. I did not find any solution and had to switch to a different seller to get the item I was looking for, this means the first seller lost out on a potential buyer but still has to pay his fees for having the item listed“.

Definitely this is an issue you should be aware of as you could be losing sales. If you’ve had any PayPal reversals check your shipping processes to ensure you’re not sending goods out for free. The least reliable method of shipping is to rely on emails, the most reliable should normally be either your eBay account or PayPal account.

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3 Responses

  1. What a pain in the neck, just been hit by this. Three seperate payments showing in PayPal two of which have been reversed, and two apparent valid sales in Selling Manager.

    Not forgetting the irrate buyer who now things I’m a numpty or scammer. AAAARRRRRR.

  2. Losing loads of trade. It has been 4 days now of customer payment reversals by Paypal and still no resolution.

    5 calls to Paypal and 3 emails including 2 complaint ones and still nothing done. 2 calls went dead after waiting over 20 minutes to be transferred to relevant department (whatever that is!) as well.

    This is really serious to me as every sale counts, to lose so many is terrible.

    Told on the phone at the weekend that it was not a Paypal technical issue despite my saying I thought it was. They are claiming it is bank declining payments – WHAT NONE IN MONTHS THEN SUDDENLY LOADS IN 4 DAY!!

    I have emailed a complaint to the FSA and Financial Ombudsman Service but without success.



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