HTC One X catastrophic battery discharge fault

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my HTC One X mobile smartphone, which I thought and still do think is a fantastic phone, if it worked. Unfortunately mine is dead.

A couple of weeks ago an Android update exposed the HTC handset to a software error. The latest Android update when applied to the HTC One X (after apparently being fully tested and approved and sent out over the air by HTC) has an incompatibility with the latest version of Google Maps and causes the battery to totally drain leaving the phone burning hot and useless.

Inconveniently this happened to me whilst driving through the centre of Paris. Totally lost with no Sat Nav and stupidly no map for back up, my five words of French left me lost, frustrated and totally disillusioned with HTC. Zut alors!

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to HTC in the US trying to resurrect the handset without success. As soon as I mentioned I was using Google Maps when the phone died they knew what had caused the problem.

The phone has now been sent off for repair, but this just shouldn’t happen. The phone is only three months old and it would be reasonable to expect software updates to be fully tested before being rolled out. It’s also worth noting that the HTC One X has an integrated battery which can’t be replaced except in the factory.

I’m now faced with anything up to 14 days without my smartphone whilst repairs are attempted or it’s eventually replaced (or rather I’ve switched back to my previous phone, I always keep my old mobile as a back up).

Why don’t HTC check the software and hardware running on the HTC One X thoroughly enough that Google Maps (which is preloaded by default) works with their software without breaking the phone?

Mobile phones are now so much more than just a “phone”, they’re mini-computers and should be treated as such. Unfortunately it appears that HTC have attempted to squeeze so much into their flagship top-of-the-range HTC One X that it’s just too complex and that’s causing problems.

If you’re like me and totally reliant on your smartphone for business, then make sure you have a backup and keep your old mobile up to date and ready to go… you never know when you’ll need it.

18 Responses

  1. typical HTC stuff!! sell a phone and then forget about it!! all future R&D reserved for the next model in the line-up … which will obviously have so many phones released at such short intervals that a new phone today is near-obsolete in 6 months and totally unsupported in 9 months!! on top of that, their customer support totally sucks – all they know is to give false promises and not bother to fulfill them later, inappropriate delays in repair & replacement.
    no wonder it going down down down ….

  2. I have a one X and it certainly gets hot!
    Mine has turned itself off a couple of times due to overheating while being used as a satnav.

  3. I have the same problem with overheating after the update was installed. Don’t know if AT&T will exchange my phone, I had this phone for only 3 months and I am having problems with it. Not happy about it!!

  4. Thanks for this report. I was about to get the HTC One X. Not now. I’ll be getting a Samsung instead.

  5. I have had no end of problems with the One V, the first was D.O.A. The 2nd lasted 3 days and now the 3rd’s battery lasts 12hrs if I am lucky. Just picked up a Sensation XE for £180 which is so much better. Seems HTC have dropped the ball all round with the One series…

  6. Recently bought the HTC one x … Love the phone but had the same problem and once I’d installed the new update I began to struggle to charge the battery. Eventually it stopped charging altogether rendering the phone pretty useless. Thankfully, having only had the phone for two weeks I was able to get an exchange. I haven’t installed the new update this time and so far haven’t had any problems with charging (although the google maps app seems to launch all by itself even after forcing close). Happy with the phone though. Will stick with HTC for now



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