How to code your own email price alerts

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Would you like to be notified whenever your competitors undercut you on their website or on marketplaces such as Amazon? If so there’s a simple guide to talk you through some basic code writing which will setup a daily “Price Monitoring” email delivered straight to your inbox.

The guys at WisePricer have written the code and made it public. If you want to monitor a competitor’s website and don’t want automatic repricing then their code hack isn’t that scary once you get started as it uses a couple of tools freely available on the net.

Some ideas of what you could use the code for are:

• Find out if any of your competitors are having a promotionsale by scraping their website landing page.

• Set an email alert for current Amazon best sellers in categories within your industry.

• Check if your main competitor is out of stock, to seize retail opportunities.

Repricing and price monitoring done for you

WisePricer enables you to easily view competitor pricing and reprice your products with just one click so if you don’t want to write code they’ve already done the work for you.

You can get a free trial account with WisePricer to monitor your competitors on thousands of products, and seamlessly sync from your store

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  1. I wasn’t aware of ScraperWiki before which looks like an interesting platform strictly for running scripts that hit other websites. The catch is they charge $29 per month to run once per hour. Otherwise this is just a daily alert as you said.

    The one real issue here is that what they’ve released is a scrapper against Amazon’s product pages. Amazon does not like this and requires you to use their APIs instead. It would not be unexpected for them to block all ScraperWiki access considering their recent crackdown on scrapers. eBay even successfully sued a company scrapping their site doing exactly the same thing on their own website. Any chance WisePricer would be releasing the equivalent using the Amazon sanctioned MWS API? I just transitioned to MWS myself last week.



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