eBay postage estimator shows misleading prices

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is displaying incorrect prices says Tamebay reader Simon of . Looking at the cost of International Parcels to the US, it would appear that you can send a packet via Airsure for £5.00 and International Signed For at a cost of £5.15.

The main problem is that if you notice the weights they’re a maximum for 0.00kg. That’s because the true cost is actually the price of standard Airmail plus the Airsure or International Signed For fees which are then added on to give the true postage cost.

Of course you can figure that out fairly easily…. once you know the numbers are misleading. However if you figure you can send a 200g item and have it speedily shipped with International Signed for for £5.15 you’re going to be more than a little upset when you come to pay for postage and find you’re £4.42 out of pocket.

I know it’s billed as an “Estimator” and there’s a disclaimer saying the tool is for guidance and to check the Royal Mail website, but getting your costs almost half what they should be isn’t a very good estimate.

eBay really need to delete the text saying “Extra Weight is not supported. Maximum weight allowed 0.00kg. Cost for Maximum weight” and replace it with something along the lines of “Plus the cost of Royal Mail Airmail”

Oh, and as a final point, eBay have the cost for Airsure incorrect too. Airsure doesn’t cost an additional £5.00, the Royal Mail Airsure cost as of today is actually £5.40.

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  1. Hi Chris

    I was wondering if you have some sort of direct contact with ebay over things like this. After seeing your photo next to the big wig in the USA I guess you are pretty well known to eBay so would you be able to just call/email someone at ebay and tell them their error for a quick solution?
    I’m not suggesting that it is your place to do this and that you should be the conduit to get gripes back to ebay from contributors to this site, but do you have that link and if so do you think it appropriate for you to be a mouthpiece to ebay from the Tamebay contributors?
    Or are you aware that ebay staff regularly read this site and would need no further prompt from you or anyone else to jump on issues like this straight away?
    Just asking…

  2. Hi,
    I was the one who emailed Chris about this.
    I phoned ebay first to ask them about it and some other issues.
    The only reason I forwarded to Chris and Tamebay is as a notice to other Tamebay readers. I have been alerted to a GREAT many things that I would not have known about by Tamebay feeds etc.

    I feel it’s like a situation with an emergencey service. No one rings for the Ambulance as everyone thinks someone else has.

    Ebay is a huge and complex beast and like many things can only be properly tested LIVE in the real world.
    Some things don’t work properly and the more people that alert ebay to them the better for everyone.
    Ebay are only ever a FREE phone call away. They are a pretty friendly bunch and quite knowledgeable.

  3. There’s not normally a “quick solution” to errors on eBay 😉

    We do know the odd person or two in eBay, but like Simon we’d always recommend you speak to eBay Customer Support (click the contact link on eBay). eBay Support do have the channels to escalate issues as well as the advantage of an internal eBay staff email/phone directory which is something that Tamebay don’t have.

    We do see a few eBay IP addresses browsing Tamebay from time to time but I wouldn’t want to rely on it as a form of communication. We tend to blog information which could help you with your business, and in this case it’s a “Don’t get caught out underestimating your postage costs” message.

  4. …and there was me thinking that Postage was free – loads of Ebay listing are telling me that I get free Post & Packing ….


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