Pinterest and Small Business – can you help?

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Can you help?

I’ve been commissioned to write some stuff about Pinterest (it’s all under wraps at the mo, but will reveal all soon) and I’m looking for examples and case studies of how Pinterest is used by business here in the UK and abroad.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a social sharing site for pictures. It’s causing quite a storm and doubtless has some commercial utility.

I’d like to know:

– If you use Pinterest at all for your business and what you’ve been doing.

– If you’ve seen interesting or exciting use of Pinterest about the web, let me know. Tip offs most welcome.

– Have you seen any useful guides and articles about Pinterest that caught your attention? I’m reading up everything I can about the site.

Either drop a comment in the box below, send me an email dan {at} or use the Tamebay contact form. Thanks in advance for your bright ideas.

7 Responses

  1. Hi Dan,

    We use Pinterest for all our brands currently, only for around 2-3 months as we noticed traffic coming from there.

    Currently we use it just to share pictures and other peoples pictures and we have had sales from it.

    Some good uses from other big companies that I have seen is River Island and Topman, also Boohoo ran a pinterest competition a little while ago which looked interesting.

    We are looking at perhaps trying some competitions but they are a little harder to run on there than on facebook.

    I am not sure it will suit all business from experience, as you need to have good images to share, just sticking picks of a product on a white background won’t really work.

    If you need anymore info just give me a shout, Stu

  2. An article on Pinterest and Small Business would be most welcome, because I and I suspect many other sellers don’t understand what it does. My youngest daughter demonstrated Pinterest a few days ago (she is a student photographer and publishes some work on the site). It soon became apparent that a (Interesting / Good) photograph could generate a lot of interest in a product with back links. Run of the mill Amazon or eBay photographs have to fit certain criteria and as such are unlikely to be particularly interesting. However sellers running their own sites are not so restricted and can have any images from weird and wonderfully to funny and they are potential leads.

  3. I’ve just put the beginnings of a Pinterest board together with links back to my website (that then link back to eBay and Bidstart).

    I’m expecting the pics to come-up in Google searches, we’ll see what happens, seems a not unreasonable way of promoting what I sell.


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