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eBay are testing a new listing template for the view item page. Depending which test group you are currently in you may see one of three different page layouts as there’s also an interim design being shown.

eBay current listing template

We’re all pretty familiar with eBay’s current listing design, it’s been around for a couple of years and the only real difference in recent times are the size of the images, promotion boxes such as the Nectar information, and the addition of the advert below the seller information box.

eBay new design features on current template

You may be in a test group seeing eBay’s newer style design features overlaid on the old style page template. The page elements are all in pretty much the same positions but there are some background colour changes and new style bid/buy buttons.

You’ll also notice the new green tags which appear on images to show things like discounts, low stock etc.

eBay new listing template

The third option you may be seeing on eBay is the “new eBay” design which we’re expecting to roll out this year. This is the page being introduced when the eBay Feed comes live and there are still some tweaks we’d love to see.

Immediately we’re wondering where the link to the seller’s shop is. Outlets (in this case Very Clearance) get their logo on the page and this does link to the seller’s shop, but if you’re not an outlet you’re out of luck and the only option at the top of the page is the link to see sellers other items.

What I am liking however is the prominence of item specifics which have been moved from above the listing description right into the new eBay header. This is a great improvement (for buyers, it’s a pain for sellers to fill them out and keep them updated). You’ll want to make sure that item specifics are spot on for all your listings though as eBay start to migrate more sellers to see this new view.

We’ve included images of all three versions so that you can compare, so over to you – what do you like and what do you hate? What would you like to see changed before the new listing template goes live for all buyers?

6 Responses

  1. I see the new one which looks pretty neat, however, the get it fast badge has gone and the shop link has gone as mentioned, can’t really see the point of either of those changes.

  2. Assuming that this is the standard ebay listing header template than does the main listing below this still utilise the shop frame templates?

    There are plenty of links to the shop if shop templates are still shown.

    How many buyers actually click through to an ebay shop through the traditional small open door icon link in ebay’s own header?

    And how many click through from the shop frame template?

    Probably ebay stats show that it greatly favours the shop frame template and so they felt that they could do away with this on what they consider to be valuable real estate in their header.

    Another issue is that not every seller has a shop. So to standardise the template they had to include only a link that would show sellers other listings which is a common link for all sellers.

    All speculation of course!

  3. Ebay has moved in the right direction. The new look is- AWESOME. I absolutely LOVE the clean type-face (yay san-serif fonts!), font-size large enough to read without squinting, color scheme that allows the text to jump off the page without being too busy… all of it.

  4. They have also changed the default picture for a Multi listings???????

    Whats going on here this is not good for me we use lots of multi listing and i expect the default picture to be the default picture i select not one that ebay select

  5. Finally that item number is easy to find. 9 out of 10 customers, when we ask for the item number, could not find it.



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