Kitsound Earmuff Headphones £9.99 Deal

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Get your kids ready to go back to school with these cute . They’ve been on the Daily Deals before and sold out fast, so if you want some don’t wait too long to purchase.

Made by Kitsound, you get a choice of quilted padded in purple, grey, white or cream, or hand band style in pink, striped, or my favourite – the white grey panda.

At just £9.99 these won’t be breaking the bank, but if the weather does turn cold your kids will be glad to have them to keep their ears warm and look cool at the same time. If you they should be delivered early in the New Year.

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  1. These are sold in carphonewarehouse for £9.99 / £10.00 and have been for a long time :/

    Not really 50 percent off imho.

  2. and if you are really lucky wearing these will stop them hearing the 38 ton truck thats about to run them over

  3. Now I am not of the generation that wears Headphones. I would much rather hear the 38 ton truck about to squash me or Bird Song or even a friend calling out to me. However I have often noticed youngsters wearing Headphones walking along totally oblivious to everything about them. Walking straight across roads without looking(or even noticing that roads are there) etc.

    Can somebody explain to me why todays generation want to hear the same rubbish music continuously rather than listening to the sounds of the World around them???

  4. and here was me thinking this was about headphones.

    As for your interests, you are correct, they hold no interest to me and I suspect the majority of readers and yet……

    As for my opinion, I rarely have one as I learned many moons ago that it is much better if I keep those to myself.

    Perhaps another forum or something would suit you better, you know somewhere personal snide remarks are welcomed, as I am sure Tamebay is certainly not the place for it.

  5. Headphones was what I was talking about. I often see youngsters walking along the street, headphones plugged into their ears totally oblivious to everything around them. They come up to a road, possibly a busy road, and just continue walking straight out into the traffic.

    Unfortunately in any arguement between Motor Vehicle and youngster wearing headphones there is only one winner.

    I have not only seen pedestrians wearing headphones but cyclists and indeed Motorists. I just cannot see how it can be safe. That was the point of my earlier posting. It was you board_surfer who abused me because I have an interest in Railways.

    Now if a Train Driver was wearing Headphones I would be equally critical of them. I was brought up to believe that when you were out and about walking, cycling, driving etc that you used all of your senses to ensure your own safety and that of others round and about who you may come in contact with.

    So when I am walking, driving(note I have not cycled for many years) I always try to make certain that I am neither likely to be the victim or indeed the cause of any accidents. So I do not drink and drive nor do such as wear headphones.

    So I cannot understand why so many today do wear such as Headphones and make themselves vulnerable. I would be grateful if anybody who knows can explain it to me.

    In regard to my note about when I was a Trainspotter I think my dates were slightly out. I started possibly about 1960(aged 10) and ended about 1964(just before my 14th Birthday). Certainly no later than July 1964 in case I gave anybody incorrect information,.

  6. I think you will find I didnt disagree with you re the youngsters.

    I simply offered an answer to the question you posed.

    Focus… do seem to have a tendancy to ramble.


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