MI5 warn businesses of Cyberthreats

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Listen up. The security service MI5 has released information indentifying various “cyberthreats”, talking about what they’re doing to prevent the risks and also providing information to businesses on how they can prevent damage from “cyberthreats”.

MI5 says: “some individuals and groups use cyberspace for malicious purposes. We call these people `hostile actors’ and they exploit cyberspace to conduct espionage operations or launch damaging computer network attacks. A wide range of hostile actors use cyber to target the UK. They include foreign states, criminals, ‘hacktivist’ groups and terrorists. The resources and capabilities of such actors vary. Foreign states are generally equipped to conduct the most damaging cyber espionage and computer network attacks.” As MI5 notes: “Cyber espionage presents a real risk to the economic well-being of the UK.”

MI5 goes on to explain what they are doing to tackle these cyberthreats and also, most helpfully, our trusty spooks have compiled a selection of resources to help you proect your business.

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