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eBay have just released an update for the eBay Android App and it now allows you to start a listing on Android, save it as a draft and then complete the listing using the Sell Your Item form on eBay.

This is an absolutely fantastic enhancement, I’ve just been playing with it this morning and scanning the bar code on old DVDs that I no longer want is so easy with my Android, and then the listings are automatically stored on eBay ready to be completed.

It works in reverse as well, if you start a listing on eBay using the Sell Your Item form you can then carry on the editing process using your smart phone. Why would you want to do this? Well primarily because it makes it so easy to add images to your listing.

Most smart phones have camera of far better quality than hand held cameras sold even just a few years ago and more than adequate for eBay listings. Not only that but you can now open a saved listing directly within the eBay Android app, click one button and your ready to take the photo’s to add to the listing and don’t even need to transfer them to your computer to upload.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been climbing around a warehouse trying to get a good angle to take photos of a product which is simply too big to carry to my desk, or worse half way though Item Specifics having to walk back to get the product to check details. Now all that can be done with my mobile, which is always in my pocket anyway and I have the option of tidying up the description before I put the listing live from my computer.

As an additional side benefit you can now also save multiple listing drafts on eBay to finish at your convenience at a later date. The “Start on mobile, finish online” listing process is something Mark Carges promised was coming at the New eBay launch in New York. That was less than two months ago and now he’s delivered.

It’s long been easier to list from a smart phone than it has using the Sell Your Item form, the only part you may want to complete on eBay is actually typing in the description and that’s where the advantage of a full sized keyboard comes into it’s own. You can now use the best of both worlds – the easy eBay Android app to start a listing and take photos of your product and then the Sell Your Item form to type descriptions.

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