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Christmas is fast approaching and doubtless like much of the rest of the world you’re going to want to take a break. What happens to your online business though? Unfortunately the online world doesn’t shop and Christmas Day, Boxing day and the New Year break are likely to be the busiest ever, especially with the number of tablets likely to be given as gifts this year.

At the very least, although none of us will be shipping on the holiday days as couriers will be taking a break, you’ll want to keep up to date with customer communications. This is especially important for Amazon, failure to answer messages within 24 hours will impact your seller metrics, but on eBay and your own website you’ll also want customers to know that you’re dealing with their questions.


That’s where ReplyManager comes in, ReplyManager is a web-based email management tool created to help online stores and eBay sellers manage high volume incoming email.

ReplyManager reads from eBay’s API, POP3 and IMAP accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo! & more), so it’s great for use with multiple channels, including eBay, Amazon, Magento, or any online storefront. It fully integrates with eBay’s Ask The Seller/My Messages to ensure you never miss a message.

ReplyManager’s Amazon templates automatically route and tag emails from Amazon customers. Upon reply, the email is sent back through Amazon and tagged (on Amazon) as read, this means that your seller metrics are safeguarded.

ReplyManager Screen Shots

For the holiday season you can set up automatic responses based on specific criteria established by rules. This means that you can reply to all your Amazon emails over Christmas without any user intervention and mark them as replied. When you’re ready to do some work you can login securely from anywhere, at anytime and reply as needed.

Free Trial

ReplyManager offer a free trial for 15 days. They won’t even ask for your credit card until you are ready to activate your account. Transition from a trial to an active account is completely seamless. All of your information, users, and other configurations will remain the same so you won’t have to worry about any loss of data.

If you’re in the least worried about handling your emails over Christmas and want to ensure that your customers are automatically responded to letting them know you’ll be fully answering their questions as soon as you’re back at work we’d recommend skipping the free trial and signing up to ReplyManager straight away. Prices start from as little as $49 per month.

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  1. Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc the TV is likely to be awful. The family, especially the children, are likely to be getting on your nerves so why don’t you get away from it all and spend an hour or two in the Office. In my case my Store Room is looking like a bomb site and I am way behind with my filing. So I’m likely to spend more than a couple of hours working each day. So why not at the same time check your messages and orders. I know that I will.

    So why would I want somebody else to check my emails etc? Just treat Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc as a normal working day. Scrooge Lives OK.

  2. I am usually too knackered on Christmas day from the effort of blocking the chimney and sealing all entrances to stop the fat pest in the red suit gaining entry

  3. The fat pest in the red suit. Surely if you haven’t cleaned your chimney the said gentleman does a very good job of being a “human” chimney cleaning brush. Might not do a lot for the presents but you certainly get a clean chimney. So instead of blocking all the chimneys and entrances instead put sheets over everything and look forward to coming down to clean chimneys.

  4. We are using Replymanager for 2 months, it’s very new for us, but it’s a gift of god when you have to manage multiple ebay and amazon accounts. And the customer service is amazing.
    A ReplyManager Fan 🙂


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