The Top Five Export Toys on eBay UK

eBay have revealed the five most exported toys sold by eBay sellers in the run up to Christmas 2012. In what is set to be a big Christmas season for cross-border trade, toys are among Britain’s favourite exports.

Cross border trade on eBay is predicted to grow by 16% between October and December 2012 compared to the same period last year, with imports surging by 39%. Needless to say, the US is the most popular destination for UK exports, with over 2.2 million items predicted to be shipped from the UK between October-December alone.

Exports to Russia this Christmas are also predicted to increase by 119% compared to 2011, and clothing – in particular women’s shoes and dresses – are topping Russian Christmas lists. Exports to China – an emerging market that one fifth of eBay businesses identified as ‘one to watch’ in 2012 – will increase by 36%.

Chris Webster, Director of EU Cross Border Trade, eBay, said:

“Cross border trade represents a massive economic opportunity for the UK, and eBay makes trade without borders a reality by giving businesses big and small a simple, low cost platform to reach over 100 million shoppers around the world 24/7. The results speak for themselves, as 80% of small businesses operating on sell internationally to at least five foreign countries.

“We are constantly finding new ways to make it easier for businesses to reach new shoppers and new markets. Innovations such as our new global ratecard enable businesses to sell on every eBay site for a single monthly fee, and our new emerging market sites are accelerating growth to places like Russia and Eastern Europe.”

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