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James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, tells how prior to adopting management software, his company were writing orders down on paper and keeping them in files! Hard to believe a company could be so outdated, but that’s the reality for many businesses who don’t have a robust CRM system.

Sanctuary Bathrooms are a family run, UK based, bathroom business with more than 25 years experience and many years as an established online bathrooms specialist, as well as their showroom in Leeds.

The company decided to use Brightpearl business management software, which has made a massive difference to the companies operations. There were obvious changes to processes but you can’t exactly grow when writing everything down on paper manually. Within 2 weeks they started seeing the difference and benefits of having a system to manage orders, inventory, accounts and CRM.

They now spend far less time working costs out, writing orders down and managing customer communications. This has freed them up to look at other selling options and new product lines. One of the areas they found a big time saving is the integration with eBay which saves time on low margin sales. They can concentrate on listings without worrying about adding it to the back office as well, saving us 2 hours a day just on this aspect of their business. It means they’ve had time to list more products and have nearly tripled eBay sales on a monthly basis.

Accounting has also become easier, prior to adopting Brightpearl Sanctuary Bathrooms used Sage. Since the change they’re now saving £15k per year in employing an admin person and all their accounting, stock integration and eBay sales are automatically recorded.

Brightpearl has made expanding the business a lot easier according to James, the time they save and the efficiency it brings means they’ve been able to add two new brands into the mix – Bargain Bathrooms and Victorian Bathrooms. The channel branding and Magento integration means whilst the brands can target different customer sets, all the stock control and accounting is taken care of by Brightpearl.

James sums it up saying “Looking back I’m not sure how we’d have managed all we’ve achieved in the last year without Brightpearl, it would definitely have been much more stressful and involved many more late nights! It’s a central part of our business and a vital team member”.

Congratulations to James and the team, we look forward to seeing them grow even bigger in 2013!

2 Responses

  1. Have to echo that, I have clients using this system and have hands on personal experience of it too.

    The amount of automatic built in stuff it does in the background while you work is amazing. One client had said that it’s great to have everything in a hub in front of her, just total control, no more ‘fire fighting’. There still isn’t enough hours in the day but that time is now spent developing new products, listing and growing her business rather that being bogged down by the day to day admin.

    It’s made time for growth, she’s no longer standing still but moving forward.

    I recommend you check it out 🙂


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