Drug Smugglers, eBay, Plebs and Beyonce

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There’s often a listing or two on eBay which are out of the ordinary, but this week we’ve found a whole array of the weird, amusing and wacky to share:

A plane last used to fly a shipment of cocaine

Drug Smuggler PlaneFirst up is your chance to own a genuine drug smugglers plane. Seized by East Midlands Special Operations Unit as it landed in Northamptonshire on a drugs run, the microlight is now up for sale on eBay by Leicestershire Police. It’s believed to be the first time that a UK Police force have seized a plane and been in a position to sell it.

The Zenair Zodiac CH601 UL microlight has a reserve price of £12,000, will need a fair amount of remedial work to bring it back to an airworthy state, but as it would have originally cost around £30,000 it could still be a bargain.

Money raised from the sale can be used for policing activities and community projects so if you’re in the market for from France to Northamptonshire get bidding. If it’s out of your price bracket then the also for sale on eBay.

We sold it on eBay… to eBay

Sold on eBay to eBayThere’s nothing quite like a recommendation to help you sell your products and what better customer than eBay? freedomhomestore have sold almost a 1,000 Modern Coat Stands, but one delivery was rather special. One of their and now stands proudly in eBay’s Richmond offices.

Pictured with some eBay swag hanging on it, freedomhomestore have added a picture of the coat stand along with a couple of eBay employees chinking eBay mugs. If you’re after a coat stand if it’s good enough for eBay then it’s probably good enough to grace your office too.

Plebgate bike

Andrew MitchellAfter being accused of calling police ‘plebs’ for not letting him ride his bike through the main gates of Downing Street, former Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell is apparently intending to sell his bike on eBay.

He’s said he’ll donate the funds to charity but so far we’ve not managed to spot his bike listed on the site. If you do see it let us know, after Bradley Wiggin’s cycle it’s possible one of the best known bikes in the country.


Beyonce World Tour Tickets sold out in just twelve minutes but predictably there’s always one place you can get the hottest gigs in town (at a price) and that’s eBay. Some 3 million fans were chasing down just 213,000 tickets so it’s not really surprising that most were left disappointed.

Tickets are now selling with asking prices up to £1000 or more whilst the face value is in the £50-£60 price range. Fans call it wrong, sellers call it a free market, promoters wash their hands and despair, but if you missed out and don’t care what it costs to see your idol then for you it’s a second opportunity to snag some tickets.


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