eBay to recruit 450 new support personnel

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eBay Customer SupportAs previously announced, eBay are beefing up support and they’re putting their money where their mouth is with 450 new positions in Ireland up for grabs.

eBay said that “The new jobs will help provide the growing European customer base of the company’s eBay Marketplaces and PayPal businesses with an enhanced experience in the areas of customer services, sales and compliance”. What that means in understandable English is that a good percentage of these new positions are for Top Customer Care. As previously announced eBay are putting in place Merchant Development Account Managers who will be targeted on increasing the amount of business large accounts do and the Top Customer Care team will look after large sellers not in the Merchant Development program.

The new positions are over and above the 1,000 positions announced at PayPal last year and are supported by Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland. With Ireland’s high unemployment rate the positions are likely to be highly contested by quality candidates.

eBay first opened operations in Ireland in 2003 and currently employs 2,300 people across the eBay and PayPal facilities in Blanchardstown in Dublin and their new facility at Dundalk Business Campus, Co Louth. The news was welcomed by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton T.D. said: “Every job that is created by a multinational company in Ireland creates approximately one extra job elsewhere in the domestic economy – in supply companies, retail and other services”.

It should also be welcome news for eBay sellers – the more support staff eBay have the shorter the wait times on the phone and the more time they can devote to troubleshooting when you have problems and helping you grow your business.

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  1. Sorry Ebay, count me out on this one. I’ve had some awful experiences with Customer Service over the years and have more faith in the new algorithms. I’ll take my chances on my own. Top marks for the seller protection scheme however.

  2. It feels like they only have about 10 working in the ireland call centre atm, i always go through to the same people.

  3. Why can’t ebay give its customers the message that there will be no final value fee changes for 5 years?

    Any fee changes will be for optional services only.

  4. The UK, a country with 2.5m unemployed, and with own its massive pile of debt, has bailed out Ireland to the tune of £11b. If ebay were creating the jobs in the UK, where most of its revenue is generated, there would be less criticism but as it is it is a nonsense.

  5. And further, I absolutely do not see why those, who offer exceptional service and obtain top ratings and repeat business, and as a result never need to use ebay customer service, should subsidise those who don’t, and who as a result have to constantly ring customer service!!!

  6. I know I’m a grump old git, but I seriously wonder how many of these new support personal will be engaged in attempting to resolve problems which could be eliminated if eBay sorted out all the problems embedded in the system.

    Over the years I estimate that 50% of my calls to eBay support related to feedback and the other 50% related to eBay not working as it was supposed to do. Get the system mechanics working properly and create a sensible set of policies (which stay the same) and many of the reported problems will simply go away.

  7. Gary, you speak a lot of sense. Its like this in society at the moment, the cash generators subsidize the spongers

  8. you can blither and prattle until your pink
    though its certain ebay have not employed these people for our benefit


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