I got the eBay ID I’ve always wanted!

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eBay ChrisWe wrote last week that eBay are deleting dormant accounts, Dan got an email warning him that if he didn’t log in then his account would be deleted.

Today I was the beneficiary of this program and am the proud owner of an eBay ID I’ve been watching for over a year, patiently waiting for the day it could be mine. I have to say I’m really chuffed and of course I’ve not been able to resist bidding on a load of auctions this evening to get some use out of my new name.

I didn’t really need it for any business related reason, I’ve put it on one of my personal accounts. I only set the account up last year just to re-acquaint myself with the eBay sign up process, but now it’ll become my main buying account. I’ve already signed into the eBay Android App with the renamed ID on my smartphone, so any mobile purchases in future will be on this account.

And the User ID I’ve been coveting… well if you hadn’t guessed by now it’s obvious really, eBay now know me as ““!

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  1. Well done!

    How did you get a 5 character ID? I thought that the minimum that you could now register with was 6?

  2. Must admit I’m pretty shocked they’ve released a name for reregistration.

    Might try to get christ, not been active since 00 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    Congrats on your new ID, and could you please explain to the rest of us the process of getting a new-old ID?

    Like you, I have my eye on an eBay ID that is currently listed as “Not a registered user”. However when I contacted eBay.com Support last week about picking up this no-longer-registered ID, they responded with “Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering the recycling of user names on eBay. For safety and security reasons we are unable to allow members to reuse user IDs.”

    This response of theirs doesn’t fit in with the fact that you did manage to pick up an old ID, so any insights you can give would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  4. Nice one Chris! I have also joined the registration new owner club! 🙂

    After years of waiting.

  5. I just got “clothes-shoes” – which is what we sell! Really pleased with this post Chris!

  6. I am just waiting for ebay to suspend all these new accounts, linking them to when the previous account holders of the same ID’s that were originally suspended for dodgy dealings or unpaid fees etc.

    In an ideal world this shouldn’t happen but it is ebay.

  7. It doesn’t work like that – eBay work on account numbers and the User Id can be changed at will but the account number stays the same forever.

    If you grab a pre-used ID it’s associated with your account and disassociated with the old one.

  8. If a name comes up that I want, can I change my current ID to the new one or do I need to create a new ebay account to get the new ID when it becomes available?

  9. Hi Chris

    So does anyone know what the problem with some of these names are? I found a 4 letter NARU user ID (which doesn’t violate policy) yet it won’t let me take it – stating that its not in line with their policy!



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