Amazon fee increases from 4th April 2013

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Sell On Amazon featIf you sell Electronic accessories or Automotive parts on Amazon UK you need to remember that after Easter Amazon are due to increase their cut of your selling price, known as Amazon’s Referral Fee.

Electronic accessories will see the referral fee rise from 7% to 12% (with a minimum of 50p), and automotive products will be hit with a new fee of 15% a rise from the current fee of 12%.

It’s not just Amazon UK that has fee changes though. Amazon France referral fees for media sales rise from 10.44% to 15% as well as Electronic accessories rise from 7% to 12%.

On Amazon Germany the referral fee for car tyres will increase from 7% to 10% and tech accessories again see a fee increase from 7% to 12%.

Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain will also see the tech accessories referral fees increase from 7% to 12%.

The main exception across the EU for tech accessories is when it’s Kindle accessories – Amazon already upped the referral fees for anything Kindle related to 35% in October last year.

Don’t forget that if you’re not a VAT registered seller that Amazon will also have to add on 15% Luxembourg VAT to the fees that they charge you.

4 Responses

  1. I think we need Costco to take over the business of Amazon.
    Every one should be happy with Costco which makes all products cheaper by 10 – 40% than the retail price so adding the Amazon’s service/referral charge 12%, we could save with our purchase at Costco by 12% + 10 – 40% (at least 22%)

  2. Amazon playing like chancellor osborne who came up with ox ideas like pasty tax, warm tax, horse meat for beef, all tax on middle incomers, no tax for low incomers, is government on charity for the poor and who authorize them to do so. Fair, fair, fair not fair at all, tax should be collected on all income with the same rate for fair’s sake.
    NHS is a double killer taxing us at least 12% which should be option for freedom’s sake.
    someone like oxborne without wisdom should work in toilet cleaning where he might be enlightened the wisdom and passion of terrible warm tax.
    He should be paid £45000 annual salary to understand the pain of tax horror which stand at 32-40% at least.
    Tax on already taxed income and it is VAT another 20% so we are paying at least 52% tax from our income. Is it fair?
    For OX, it should be fair as our 52% tax is lower than the fuel tax which is 60% currently.
    So OX should be working diligently to tax at least 60% from our current lowest 52%.
    Or else how could they increase their salary with our tax.
    Since our contribution of 52% tax even show deficit, OX should work harder to raise tax as he will also need to pay the extravagant cameron on his act of foreign terror deploying troops around the world with our tax which no tax payers approved.

  3. You know Amazon mentioned that when they were increasing the Kindle Accessory fees they would “automatically” move the accessories to the Kindle Accessory category. This is rubbish, while they are taking the extra commission, sellers items are still not in that category and are not receiving the benefit of it. I just got off the phone with them, rather the call was cut as the customer service rep was going to put me on hold to speak to her colleague! Anyway I called to get clarification if the category they were referring to was this

    The lady on the phone says no, that is only for Amazon. So what other category is on the site classified as Kindle Accessory category. When I read the notice they put out, can be found here on Tamebay, , she was going to “check” with her colleague.

  4. If you buy on Amazon, this loads up Amazons profits. If you continue to sell on Amazon, they will continue to collect their fees. Stop complaining and do something about it. I personally have closed my Amazon US account because of their policy on buyers and allowing them to leave lies with no comeback.

    How anybody buys from this tax fraud company I dont know.


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