eBay error: Wholesale listing cancellations

eBay appear to have had a technical glitch this evening where sellers have supposedly exceeded their monthly selling allowances and had their listing cancelled

There appears to be a rather serious system error that’s causing this. Currently we don’t know if eBay will be able to reinstate the missing listings or if users will be left to relist themselves once the error listing limits are lifted.

One thing that we do know is that if your listings have been affected your probably going to have to do a full stock check and verify the quantities on all your listings, regardless whether eBay reinstate your listings or if you have to relist manually.

Another serious issue is of course loss of Best Match score and Sales History on cancelled listings.

Have your listings been affected? Let us know if you have any more information

Email from eBay

We’ve noticed you’ve exceeded your monthly selling allowance. Because of this, your most recently listed unsold items have been removed and all associated fees have been credited to your account. Selling allowances are put in place to help you establish a positive selling history and provide excellent service to your customers.

The removed listings will be available in your “Unsold Items” section in My eBay. You can relist these items by adjusting your current inventory.

For further information, or if you want to have your selling allowance reviewed, please contact us

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



21/3/13 Edited to add: Latest update emails from eBay

We’re writing to let you know that as a result of a software issue on Wednesday, March 20, you may have mistakenly received a notice from eBay that you’d exceeded a maximum number of allowed listings. As a result of this issue, some of your listings were ended and some may have been temporarily hidden from search results.

Rest assured we take these situations very seriously. Our teams have been hard at work around the clock to rectify this quickly, prevent any reoccurrence, and ensure your uninterrupted selling. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

The software issue was fixed within a few hours. Any hidden listings are now restored to view. We are in the process of relisting these listings for you—with a fresh start date and for the same duration. This will not have any adverse impact your standing in Best Match search or your seller feedback or standards.

Please note that if you have already relisted any of these items on your own—and you are free to do so—eBay’s automatic relisting actions will not cause you to have a duplicate listing.

We also apologize if you experienced any delay in reaching our customer support. We will get back to you shortly with an update on the actions we’re taking.

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience. As always, thank you for selling on eBay.


The eBay Selling Team

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Yes got the same email yesterday. Have had over 200 listings cancelled! Just random items, I cannot see any link at all! Rather annoying.

Chris • 21st March 2013 •

comfort yourself with the thought that ebay appreciate your cooperation and understanding lol

puddleglum • 21st March 2013 •


Whirly • 21st March 2013 •

The alert phrase for me was: "Rest assured"

Dan Wilson • 22nd March 2013 •

Always comforting

Whirly • 22nd March 2013 •

This terrible mess hasn't affected me yet but I posted on the PS forums that everyone ought to download their current active listings using File Manager (not TurboLister). This will give you a current stock list in Excel / Calc format that you can hang on to just in case. Link here: https://k2b-bulk.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SMDownloadRequest

Noe • 21st March 2013 •

Still no announcement on the site....Poor management.....Users do not know if they should re-list manually now or wait for advice?

kga123 • 21st March 2013 •

Yep, 300+ listings all gone. Yet one of our main competitors has all theirs still showing? Am getting very, very, very fed up with ebay....

Barney • 21st March 2013 •

I had all my listings closed last night, I received this email at 6.57pm,"MC999 NOTICE: eBay Listing(s) Removed" My last order was 6.44pm, all my listings have been cancelled, I looked on line and it seems that the US site has suffered the same glitch as it is mentioned on their ebay forum, If they don't get it fixed for the weekend I will lose around a £1000 in turnover, maybe the loss in fees will stir them into acting, Those lost sales will go to whoever is left on the site, for me it will be the business sellers pretending to be private sellers, who now have no competition.

superhands • 21st March 2013 •

We had the opposite issue on Tuesday, we were unable to cancel listings that were then out of stock due to other marketplace sales or shop sales. We were able to take them off yesterday and luckily did not "oversell". When we phoned ebay on Tuesday to report it, wed didn't get through and eventually someone on the switchboard at ebay cut in and took our number with a promise to call back when it was less busy - still waiting!! I initially thought the call centre was busy with other people having the same problem, but it was probably to do with the seller release. Lee

Lee Pearce • 21st March 2013 •

Hello all Just a quick update on this Last night due to a software issue, a small percentage of seller listings in global markets including the United United Kingdom were inadvertently removed from our platform, impacting a number of sellers. Thsi issue is now resolved and we continue to make progress in restoring these listings, a process that is rolling out in stages and is expected to be completed for the majority of listings by the end of the day today. Separately, we are reaching out to eBay sellers most impacted and assisting them directly in their recovery efforts. We will keep our sellers apprised of our progress and apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this issue. Regards Patrick The eBay.co.uk team

Patrick Munden • 21st March 2013 •

Oh good an update from our side of the pond. Patrick forgot to mention the 'small percentage' he refers to is 10,000(according to the .com site) - Small percentage for eBay but massive to the 10,000 sellers who have lost their income stream.

kga123 • 21st March 2013 •

I have filed charge back with paypal and they have sent me an email that all of my ebay fees that I have charged back are going back into my account. The rep has let me know that many users are doing this with paypal or their credit card that they use.

John Stmmkos • 21st March 2013 •

Patrick, Accidents happen, but they shouldn't happen again. What measures have been put in place to prevent it happening again? I lost my listings, why was clear information so slow coming out? I've relisted based on what a polite and apologetic chap from the States said.

BonusB • 23rd March 2013 •

Do you know I am really sick of reading this pathetic "small percentage" spin of a line. It's 10,000 sellers!! 10,000 people and more affected!! For such a big company the tech side of eBay really does come across as being very amateurish. Has this mistake happened because somebody simply pressed the wrong button or used the wrong query on the live site and not a test one? Surely a change has to go through several layers of testing and verification before it can hit the live servers??

Dennis • 21st March 2013 •

Hi KGA and Dennis Just to put this in context. I've responded on behalf of the UK business. It's 10,000 sellers impacted Globally not UK. The issue was solved last night and we are making sure that we sort things out for impacted sellers. Regards Patrick

Patrick Munden • 21st March 2013 •

28 hours and only 6 out of 175 listings are restored. How long should I wait before I cave in and re-list them myself. One email from eBay - crowing how quickly it was fixed - clever eBay. Well it isn't fixed for me, and probably many 1000's of others who are losing income and customers. What an arrogant and incompetent giant eBay has become. So far from the original idea. Michael

michael steval • 21st March 2013 •

Thanks Patrick for coming into the hornets nest ;-) These things happen, and although I am not affected this time, I have been in the past with other glitches, and had to stock check over 5000 items (I saw it as a good opportunity to update my stock; finding many items that were not live!. These things are part of running a business, and it happens with software and technology. I have my main PC go down last week, losing all my postage software, which had to be re configured (1 week of down time / manual processing). I appreciate your updates, and probably many others do who are silent and respectful. I see the same 'old crowd' of moaners and groaners shouting the loudest here take all the space! John

John • 23rd March 2013 •

? cant see respect getting much done with ebay

puddleglum • 23rd March 2013 •

Respect has to be earnt. If ebay were respectful of the hard work of its sellers it would not be making the TRS changes Mr Munden would earn the respect of a large number of sellers if he came here and said that in view of seller concerns the seller update for 2013 has been cancelled.

Gary • 23rd March 2013 •

If eBay took the slightest notice of your so called "seller concerns" they'd have cancelled the once hated TRS program years ago when it was first introduced. Many sellers were up in arms claiming it was an impossible goal that they could never attain. Strange how the same sellers who once wanted eBay to cancel the TRS program in it's current format, now want to keep it in it's current format.

Chris Dawson • 24th March 2013 •

So now that we have put up with discount loss creep we have to put out with a new form of discount loss creep. Powerseller discounts lost and now "old TRS" discounts lost. The issue with this release is that ebay are taking a fee for achieving one of the TRS targets. Not been done before. And in 2-3 years time ebay will come up with new seller initiatives and targets with rewards which will be lost over time. ebay is raising fees by stealth. Those who have accepted that they will no longer be TRS must be wondering how ebay can in future leverage more fees out of them.

Gary • 24th March 2013 •

we dont care what program of discounts they have, as long as its a discount and not a penalty

puddleglum • 24th March 2013 •

John where are Patricks updates?

Jimbo • 23rd March 2013 •

No updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/pmunden

Gary • 23rd March 2013 •

To be honest I don't care if most of the affected sellers are in Timbuktu, it's still 10,000 sellers all being stressed out. I'm waiting for my listings to be restored, I've not been in touch with CS yet as there seems to be little point whilst they are being swamped. I'm just assuming at some point today my listings will be put back into place, though it remains to be seen how they will be ranked. I'm worried that it will affect my Sales History and thus Best Match positioning. I had quite a few listings built up over months with Good 'Til Cancelled. Also a few of my listings have been completely removed so I can't even re-list them anyway from the "Unsold" section.

Dennis • 21st March 2013 •

Yes, exactly Dennis...Ditto to that. Putting listings back is one thing, but will they be as they were - Exactly? I would be interested what 'making sure that we sort things out for impacted sellers' actually means, because we are a small business whose income from ebay represents about 80% of our total income. Money that we simply cannot afford to be without - It's a sad day for all affected.

kga123 • 21st March 2013 •

I don't know how eBay plan to help sellers impacted. However, if eBay attempt to restore any of the listings 'lost', I'd advise those sellers impacted to check their eBay account - in case they are charged any listing fees for this service!

ChrisP • 21st March 2013 •

I've just come off the phone to eBay and I was told it wasn't 10,000 users, it was Millions of sellers Worldwide! -

kga123 • 21st March 2013 •

I have filed charge back with paypal and they have sent me an email that all of my ebay fees that I have charged back are going back into my account. The rep has let me know that many users are doing this with paypal or their credit card that they use.

John Stmmkos • 21st March 2013 •

surely if its such a small percentage, it would be a small expense to simply give these sellers a full refund of their seller fees for the month, after all we sellers are expected to refund [and provide vital organs]if we get it wrong

puddleglum • 21st March 2013 •

Just spoke to CS. I've asked what will happen to my sales history? I was told that they cannot do anything about it. All day will do is to relist my items. So I said - due to your error we have to suffer now. All my listings with 100+ sales will be on the bottom of search results... - sorry nothing we can do. This is unacceptable!!! I'm glad I've got my website and Amazon account too.

Damian • 21st March 2013 •

All listings cancelled, no sales coming in! Not good at all, this lost revenue will affect us majorly as I am sure it will all the thousands of other business sellers.

Juliet • 21st March 2013 •

@Patrick I find it odd that you comment on a 3rd party site, but you and other eBay employees are noticabley absent from the dozens of threads on your own forums. Not only that but we seem to have no community pink, the one you introduced us to via your Twitter feed a while back has totally disappeared, apart from another pink using his ID.

Joe • 21st March 2013 •

I think he has gone.

Jimbo • 22nd March 2013 •

probably the better quality whinging and moaning here that attracts

puddleglum • 21st March 2013 •

I phoned customer support in Ireland this morning I was advised all listing would be re listed but with no idea of a time frame, He then advised me to start relisting my items straight away, I have relisted 62 of my best selling lines and have had 3 sales so far, since 11am, this allows time for them to go live, As every minute ticks by that is a potential lost sale, compounding the problem, Every 24 hrs down I lose 35 sales, that then goes to another seller who has not been affected, If they now relist automatically surely I will now have 62 duplicate Buy It Now good til gone listings, Obviously I have also been charged to relist the 62 listings, and was not credited for the ones which were shut, I also have listing completely removed and I can't even copy the title.

superhands • 21st March 2013 •

I've just had a disturbing update from eBay. Apparently, when the listings are put back by eBay they will show the original quantity of stock listed. So, if like us, you have many variants of Size, Colour,Qty and many listings, you are going to have an absolute nightmare of a job on your hands. You are going to have to do a full stocktake for starters, then you are going to have to go through each and every listing and manually amend the totals items per variant - This job alone for us will take days and will cost hundreds! Not happy!!!!

kga123 • 21st March 2013 •

I was also effected. This has been an appalling mess. The lame excuse of a "software issue", for a global internet company is like the banks blaming losses on a money issue. It isn't a valid explanation. There has been no message as a follow up to the original message cancelling all listings, now 24 hours later. No apologies that I can see and no offer of recompense. I'm even paying for relists. It's possible to forgive the error but the lack of a good follow up is disgraceful. A flippant response to something affecting thousands of sellers and millions of listings is unforgivable. As a long standing seller Ebay will have to do a lot to put this right for me, it looks as though they aren't even bothering.

Ross • 21st March 2013 •

I have filed charge back with paypal and they have sent me an email that all of my ebay fees that I have charged back are going back into my account. The rep has let me know that many users are doing this with paypal or their credit card that they use. This as we all no is bigger then the relisting insertion fees, we have all worked for the spots in ebay and the standings at they promote for us to do so. A mass relist does not help this as newly listed items in store categories will only show up for a short time, if we stagger items like you should as a store you then keep your place and multiple people going to your store. This would take 30 days plus to duplicate but then you risk the chance of not having your items up on ebay for that time.

ChargeBacks on Credit Card & Paypal • 21st March 2013 •

this reminds of the early days when ebay was auction only you watched your listings with baited breath and if they finished without ebay crashing you breathed a sigh of relief

puddleglum • 22nd March 2013 •

As this appears to be the only place in the UK any Ebay representative seems to be discussing this, I wondered if there were any updates. Sellers have lost days of trade, an extra workload and most of all trust in Ebay. The only reassurance I have been given is that my relist fees will be refunded, in time. I think Ebay believe I'm supposed to be happy with that. I most definitely am not. Any (more) communication would be welcome.

Ross • 25th March 2013 •

So how is the thing about selling limits supposed to work? Is it a new idea we haven't been told about yet that was released too early in error?

JohnC • 25th March 2013 •