eBay UK Seller Release: Shops Changes

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eBay Shops FeatThere’s no way to dress this up to make it sound good, .

The cost of a basic shop will be £19.99 (up from £14.99) and the cost of a featured shop will be £59.99 (up from £49.99).

However on the plus side there are some benefits coming down the line which will be welcomed.

Customer Support

eBay Customer Support smAll featured and Anchor shop subscribers will get dedicated customer support based in Dublin. This might not sound like such a big deal until you remember that eBay changed support levels in January of this year.

Top Customer Care is for sellers doing significant business so many eBay sellers will now only have access to General Customer Support. In the future if you want support simply subscribing to a featured shop will ensure you have access to Dublin based English speaking eBay support teams whenever you need them.

Free Fixed Price Listings

Free ListingAnchor shop subscribers already have access to free listings. eBay are introducing an allowance of 30-day or Good ‘Til Cancelled listings for Basic and Featured shop subscribers.

  • Basic Shop

    20 free 30-day or Good ‘Til Cancelled listings

  • Featured Shop

    60 free 30-day or Good ‘Til Cancelled listings

Your first reaction is probably going to be the same as mine, eBay are only giving away £2.00 for a Basic shop and £3.00 for a Featured Shop. However many sellers have been suggesting for years that eBay add a bundle of listings to shop subscriptions and although this is a small start it is at least a start. We’re pretty confident that in future seller releases the number of bundled free listings will increase as we believe ultimately eBay want to waive all insertion fees removing any disincentive to list all your stock on eBay.

Zero International Insertion Fees

eBay Top-Rated sellers that subscribe to an Anchor shop can access zero insertion fees on selected International Sites. Keep an eye on this as we understand there may be an expansion on the current countries you can list on with International Selling.

Exclusive offers on third-party listing tools

ToolsWe’re waiting for more details of this program with interest – we’re not expecting it to be a TurboLister replacement, but to be in partnership with some or all of the mainstream multi-channel management solutions. There are two sides to this coin, one is that if you use a third party tool the likelihood is that it’ll help you increase your listings and sales on eBay. The flip side is that you’ll probably also use the tool to list on third party websites and competing (for which read Amazon) marketplaces.

Whichever third party listing tools this may include the chances are that the small increase in shop fees will be dwarfed by the cost savings that eBay could provide you with use of a listing tool.

2 Responses

  1. the lord help those who get only standard support ,if top customer support is anything to judge standards by,

    a bunch of patronising wet earred youngsters who read from a script ,


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